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icon for interview03/21/2019:
Review for The X-Files: Volume 3" box set
The X-Files Lexicon exclusive CD review by Alexander Grodzinski

icon for interview04/10/2018:
Interview the Deep State creators
The X-Files Lexicon exclusive interview by Matt Allair about The X-Files: Deep State

icon for interview03/07/2018:
Interview with interview with Kristen Cloke & Shannon Hamblin
Exclusive interview by Matt Allair

icon for interview02/27/2018:
Interview with Darin Morgan
The X-Files Lexicon exclusive interview by Matt Allair about 'The Lost Art of...' as & more

icon for interview02/21/2018:
Interview Gabe Rotter
The X-Files Lexicon exclusive interview by Katie Bolton Moelle

Older articles

12/12/2016: Interview with Frank Spotnitz
The X-Files Lexicon exclusive interview by Matt Allair

06/17/2016: Interview with Darin Morgan
The X-Files Lexicon exclusive interview by Matt Allair

05/14/2016: X-Files Redux
Sarah Stegall article about The X-Files revival, Redux (written in November 2015)

02/05/2016: Interview with James Wong
The X-Files Lexicon exclusive interview by Matt Allair

01/22/2016: Interview with Garfield Whitman
The X-Files Lexicon exclusive interview by Matt Allair

01/12/2016: The X-Files series premiere report 2016
The X-Files Lexicon exclusive report with interviews by Matt Allair

11/11/2015: 'My Struggle' Screening Event Featuring Glen Morgan
The X-Files Lexicon exclusive recap by Kathryn D. Moeller

11/05/2015: Interview with John Kenneth Muir part 1 and part 2
The X-Files Lexicon exclusive interview by Christopher Irish

09/11/2015: Interview with Jerry Hardin
The X-Files Lexicon exclusive interview with Jerry Hardin (Deep Throat)

09/06/2015: Report from Dragon Coni> 2015 X-Files Anthology Panel
Personal account by Sarah Stegall of her panel appearance

07/16/2015: Interview with Mike Joffe
The X-Files Lexicon briefly speaks to Mike Joffe from La-La Land Records

03/25/2015: Interview with Thierry J Couturier
The X-Files Lexicon speaks to Thierry J Couturier about Sound Designs

02/20/2015: Interview with Vince Gilligan
The X-Files Lexicon speaks to Vince Gilligan about Better Call Saul, The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen and Breaking Bad

02/18/2014: Interview with Chris Carter
The X-Files Lexicon's exclusive interview with Chris Carter on The After.

12/2013: Review of "The X-Files: Volume Two" box set
Alexander Grodzinski's in depth review for the new release.

12/30/2012: Interview with Sarah Stegall
We speak to the author Sarah Stegall.

08/28/2012: Interview with Jeff Charbonneau
In our latest interview speak to the X-Files' music editor Jeff Charbonneau.

06/25/2012: Interview with William B. Davis
The X-Files Lexicon speak to the Cigarette-Smoking Man himself about his new autobiography.

05/25/2012: Interview with Alex Gansa
The X-Files Lexicon speak to Alex Gansa about his work on the X-Files, 24, Homeland and more.

11/17/2011: Interview with Glen Morgan
We speak to Glen Morgan about his time on The X-Files and Millennium, his influences and creative process.

08/28/2011: Interview with Mark Snow
Mark Snow discusses the new CD box set "The X-Files: Volume One" and more.

07/04/2011: Interview with Amy Donaldson
We speak to the author of the new book We Want To Believe: Faith and Gospel in The X-Files

06/05/2011: Report from the LAX-Files event
Mitch Pileggi, Darin and Glen Morgan, James Wong, Jeff Gulka and author Erica Fraga.

02/13/2011: Interview with Erica Fraga
We speak to the author of LAX-Files: Behind the Scenes with the Los Angeles Cast and Crew

01/31/2011: Interview with Howard Gordon
Howard Gordon talks about his first novel, an espionage thriller titled Gideon's War

10/20/2010: Report from Vancouver TV forum
Vince Gilligan was a guest speaker at the Vancouver Film and TV forum. Angie C reports.

08/20/2010: Interview with Gabe Rotter
The X-Files Lexicon speak to Gabe Rotter about his new book The Human Bobby.

03/08/2010: Interview with Robert Shearman
The X-Files Lexicon speaks to the author of "Wanting To Believe: a critical guide to The X-Files, Millennium as & The Lone Gunmen"

11/22/2009: Believe Again: X-Files charity event
Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz and Rob Bowman answered fan questions at the event in Los Angeles. Raskolnikov reports.

11/12/2009: X-Con 2009
Red Scully reports on X-Con 2009, the X-Files convention held in Berlin.

10/01/2009: Interview with Jana Fain
Jana Fain looks back on her time at 1013 and Big Light Productions.

03/11/2009: Interview with R.W. Goodwin
We speak to Bob Goodwin on his new movie Alien Trespass and his time on The X-Files

02/15/2009: Unpublished Quotes from Kim Manners
In tribute to Kim Manners - January 13, 1951 - January 25, 2009

11/07/2008: Interview with Matt Hurwitz
The X-Files Lexicon speak to the co-author of "The Complete X-Files: Behind The Series, The Myths and the Movies."

10/14/2008: Pemberton Set Report
A long time X-Files fan, Angie C, wrote about her experiences with finding and visiting The X-Files location shooting in Pemberton, Canada.

04/02/2008: Paley Festival Interviews
Reporter Lisa Angelo chats with Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Mitch Pileggi and Nicholas Lea.

02/26/2008: Interview with John S. Bartley
The name, John S. Bartley, may not be immediately familiar to X-Files fans, yet he played a pivotal role in the visual look of the series over the first four seasons.

02/23/2008: Wondercon 2008
Matt Allair shares his experiences attending the X-Files Wondercon panel event.

02/10/2008: Interview with Howard Gordon
For many fans of the early seasons, Howard Gordon played an important role. Along with his writing partner, Alex Gansa, Mr. Gordon helped to create a unique narrative palate within the X-Files universe.

01/09/2008: Brief Qas &A with Chris Carter
X-Files creator Chris Carter answers fan-submitted questions about the second X-Files movie.

11/28/2006: Interview with Doug Hutchison
An interview with the actor behind one of the most memorable villains on The X-Files: Eugene Victor Tooms.

07/19/2005: Interview with Frank Spotnitz
X-Files writer and producer Frank Spotnitz discusses his upcoming projects and his process as a writer.