Articles and Interviews

Articles and Interviews

Could Samantha come back?
by Brian Terranova

"The X-Files Redux"
by Sarah Stegall

The History Of The "I Want To Believe" Poster - 1993-2016
by Brian A. Terrenova

Brief Interview with Mark Snow
by Alexander Grodzinski, 01/07/14

X-Files locations, Part 2
By Angie C, 10/10/10

Interview with Gabe Rotter
By Matt Allair, 08/20/10

X-Files locations, Part 1
By Angie C, 06/28/10

Interview with Robert Shearman
By Matt Allair, 03/08/10

Report from Believe Again charity event
By Raskolnikov, 11/22/09

Report from X-Con 2009
By Red Scully, 11/12/09

Interview with Jana Fain
By Matt Allair, 10/01/09

Interview with R.W. Goodwin
By Matt Allair, 03/11/09

Interview with Matt Hurwitz
By Matt Allair, 11/07/08

Pemberton Set Report
By Angie C, 10/14/08

Paley Festival Interviews
By Lisa Angelo, 04/02/08

Interview with John S. Bartley
By Matt Allair, 02/26/08

Wondercon 2008
By Matt Allair, 02/23/08

Interview with Howard Gordon
By Matt Allair, 02/10/08

Brief Q&A with Chris Carter
By Matt Allair, 01/09/08

Reflections: The X-Files in view a decade later
By Ayala Shvarman, 2006

Is Full Disclosure Advisable?
By B J Booth - UFO Casebook, 2005

Possible Origins of the Triangle episode?
By Chris Knowles and Matt Allair

Interview with Doug Hutchison
By Matt Allair, 11/28/06

Interview with Frank Spotnitz
By Matt Allair, 07/19/05


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