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Is Full Disclosure Advisable?

By B J Booth

This is one of the first exclusive articles for the Lexicon that B J Booth has generously contributed. Mr. Booth is a UFO researcher who has complied an excellent history and archive regarding the UFO Phenomenon and believers through his own site and his work at UFO Casebook. His passionate arguments follow in the tradition of the X-Files' own heroes, The Lone Gunmen. The inclusion of this article might compel regular readers of the Lexicon to ponder some of the great issues and debates that occur in UFO Research circles. In addition, anyone who can make a compelling argument as well as reference a seminal classic such as The Day The Earth Stood Still in their argument is bound to get the attention of this editor. Indeed, the distinction between what is considered Science Fiction and what is considered scientific reality, becomes less distinct with each decade. - Matt Allair

UFO investigators and researchers have a burning desire not only to educate the public about UFOs, but also point out the importance of being ready just in case "it" really happens. The "it" being contact from intelligent beings not of this world.

Just as scientists and military hardware personnel struggle to have an adequate response to a large meteor heading straight to Earth, Ufologists attempt to involve the powers that be in being ready just in case an intelligent race of aliens from another planet did decide to make themselves known to the populace of Earth.

Science, at this time, just won't involve themselves in this possibility. And, if the military is considering the possibility, they are not telling us about it.

The public has a right to know what the government knows about UFOs, and should reinitiate their research on the subject, and release more top-secret documents to the general public. If the citizenship of America can handle issues as delicate and controversial as war on foreign soil, and the loss of our young men and women, we can handle the truth about UFOs. Top government officials, including science advisors, stand hard against public disclosure, and view the UFO mystery as a frivolous matter.

Today, even though the government has ended funding for the original SETI project, this endeavor is important enough to be driven by private donations from interested, generous individuals. It is an important paradox that so many private citizens feel that the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is important enough to open their wallets to its cause, and yet the government will not match their enthusiasm. At least, this is the official stand. But who knows what really goes on at top secret installations like Area 51, and others? - It is a proven fact that a number of top secret aircraft had their birth there, so why not also house the important task of contacting other worlds with intelligent beings there also? Or, is this already the case?

Officially, the United States Air Force discontinued its Project Blue Book in 1969, citing the reason that UFOs did not present any threat to national security. This statement was taken by many to mean that there was nothing to the many, well documented cases of UFO sightings. Most of them could easily be explained by everyday means. Although the Air Force did have a small number of "unexplained" cases, their reasons for scrapping the entire project was only that no security issues were at stake. This, in itself, may mean only that; this does not necessarily mean that there is nothing to UFOs at all. Many documents exist today, still hidden under the veil of national security, that hold evidence that only a small group of elite, well chosen individuals have seen. These highly select individuals are a modern version of Majestic 12, and other similar groups that have had this information passed down to them through the years.

How important are these files? What mysterious secrets are kept under deep guard?

Those who claim that the lack of evidence for the reality of UFOs dictates a total disregard of the subject, are taking a great risk. If there is a clandestine operation for preparation for the landing of a UFO in public view, who should know? Is this issue so sensitive that only a handful of top rate scientists and researchers should hold this evidence to themselves? Should the fate of so many be put in the hands of so few?

If an extraterrestrial intelligence did contact the government of the United States, what would be the course of action? And can we be so arrogant to believe that the United States would be their target? Maybe they would contact another country or countries, or possibly follow the script of "The Day the Earth Stood Still," and desire a forum of leaders of all countries of Planet Earth. Should this happen, we would disappoint them for certain. Could there be at present, a joint effort among countries of the world to resolve issues dealing with contact?

Many individuals and groups picket for an open release of all documents and secrets kept by our government dealing with UFO and Alien contact. How much should we know? Maybe not everything, but at least let us in on part of what is happening with this critical issue.

Admittedly, there is information that should be kept from public knowledge, but we the citizens of this country have a right to know at least that contact has been made, and whether or not this contact has any negative implications. If there is cause for concern, we have a right to know.

The results of the airing of the 1939 radio hoax by Orson Welles, "War of the Worlds," cannot be forgotten. It must be remembered, however, that the cause of the panic that night was the fact that what was announced came without any warning or foreknowledge. The citizens of all countries deserve some knowledge of what is happening in this area of investigation.

Although there may be some panic among our citizens upon a "first contact" announcement, if some representative citizens were allowed to be involved in the behind the scenes workings of our government in this area, some knowledge could be imparted to the "everyday" person, which would allay some public fear inherent with this possible earth-shaking event.

The opinion to withhold information from the general public is based on the following viewpoint.

We know that it is a fact that all men were not created equal. This is not to demean, but to make a very important point. All individuals have certain talents and abilities; some in one area, and some in another.

That being said, it is noteworthy to stress that an average, everyday citizen cannot be involved with national security issues, and sensitive government secrets belong in the hands of only those who have the education and experience to make decisions for all citizens based on events as they happen. Think what may have happened if there was public knowledge of "little boy" before the Enola Gay dropped its payload on Hiroshima, which began the end for Japan in World War II. It's like they say, "loose lips sink ships."

Most definitely, if the government is holding the secrets of alien contact, great restraint should be taken before sharing this knowledge with anyone not qualified to intelligently deal with all of its implications.

The deep secrets of UFO and Alien contact belong right where they are today -- in the hands of a small, well qualified group of chosen officials. The citizenry does not need to know everything. The government is sworn to protect its citizens, and this can best be accomplished by deciding what stays under lock and key, and what is offered for public consumption.

This attitude is exactly why there is such a distinction between having a government "for the people," and a government "by the people." We have given everything we have for our country, and have an inalienable right to know the truth. Let us have it, we'll find a way to deal with it. Listen to us, "we the people."

Special thanks again to B J Booth, for information concerning the history of UFO cases, please visit UFO Casebook.

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