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Those Grotesque Cravings

By Red Scully, 2003

Red Scully, one of the Lexicon's editors, has her own website of course - XF Love Shack. She has kindly granted permission to re-print her editorial about her professed love of season four, especially the episode: Grotesque. Please feel free to visit XF Love Shack.

For those of you not aware, I am currently doing a complete run-through with my boyfriend. Every episode, in order, with no casual viewing in between (apart from season 9, which began its run 2 weeks into the marathon, but I don't think it really counts since it's season 9...). That is, if you wanna watch The X-Files, you GOTTA watch the next episode in order. Now, this may sound fun - and it is. Mostly. But it's also becoming torture... because, as soon as we kicked off with season 1, I was instantly craving Arcadia, Triangle and Millennium. And I mean CRAVING, guys. I've had my fair share of XF-withdrawal before, but this was unbelievable in its intensity. It was so intense that I would have broken the marathon if not for the fact that, when the cravings hit me, I happened to be at home for Xmas, and the VCR in my room was broken (and my dad was using the tv downstairs).

I do think that these cravings are good for my X-life, however. At times I've even found myself craving s8 episodes. Only Per Manum and DeadAlive and Existence, of course, but this is still an improvement on the way I felt when s8 was running. Back then, all I wanted was the cushy safety of s1. The irony of being in the midst of season 1 and desperate for the danger and pain of 7 years later didn't escape me. Basically, the point I am stumbling towards in a drunken fashion is that my appreciation for every episode and every season has increased a hundredfold since I began this marathon several months ago - and don't forget that my obsessive love was pretty damned huge back then too. Imagine the state I am in now!

Something else that has hit me has been reliving everything again. I didn't start to watch The X-Files from the beginning. I was still in junior school when the show began in America. I watched it casually through season 2 over here and watched every episode of season 3 religiously and was totally obsessive when season 4 started (which was the first season I taped, for some odd reason. God knows why the thought never occurred to me during season 3, when I was making weekly newsletters on everything X for my friends!). So seasons 1 and 2 were new to me, chronology-wise. In fact, so was season 3, because the BBC showed the season in the wrong order (lord knows why). Seasons 1 and 2 were fantastic fun, and I adore so many episodes that I couldn't even begin to name them - and yet I didn't feel the deep love that I have always had for the show, for most of those episodes.

In fact, the first time I felt that feeling seriously was a couple of days ago when I watched Grotesque. Always one of my favourite episodes, I could never have told you why before. But there was something about that episode that just grabbed my heart and turned it inside out. During the 45 minutes of the episode, I felt my love for txf blossoming anew. I don't even know what it is about that episode that grabs me so much - I would always maintain that Paper Clip is much more dear to my heart. All I can assume is that it was Grotesque that gave me the turning point from "very huge fan" to "totally obsessive fan", and that somehow, somewhere, my heart remembers this fact.

And of course, Mulder looks mighty fine in that episode ;)