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"Could Samantha come back?"

(Possible theories about Samantha after “Closure”)

Article by Brian A. Terranova

Page Editor:A.M.D.

Outside of the Mulder/Scully relationship I don’t think that any aspect of the show has been more heavily debated, hated, or loved than the resolution to Mulder’s quest to find his sister, Samantha. Generally the main issue stems from the fact that she is dead and Mulder can never find her and have a happy ending to their story. But what if he still could?

First let me say that this article is simply just a fan theory of how Samantha could still return and how she could be in Mulder’s life again. This is not a spoiler for Season 10, nor do I think Chris Carter would go this route, but nonetheless, I thought it was worth sharing.

If the show ever brought Samantha back, odds are they would rewrite the past, rewrite what I personally felt was a beautiful end to Mulder’s search for his sister, even if it was a sad end. The scene was beautifully played by David Duchovny at his own suggestion based on how he felt Mulder would genuinely react. But that said, many out there wouldn’t care about a rewrite so long as it meant they could have a “better” end to her story. But what if both could be achieved? What if the events of “Closure” could still be true and yet we could still have Samantha back? Let’s take a look at what we know.

In “Closure” it is revealed that the Walk-ins saved Samantha from a horrible death at the hands of the Cigarette-Smoking Man and the Syndicate due probably to all the tests being performed on her. We know that the children saved by the Walk-ins are turned into starlight and that Samantha seemed genuinely happy where she was with the other Walk-ins.

We also know that in “The Blessing Way” when Mulder saw the spirit of his father he had asked him if Samantha was with him. His father simply said, “No,” so fans took that to mean that she was still alive, which is a fair assumption that we all had until “Closure” aired. But do Bill Mulder’s words now come as a continuity error? Well, no. Why? For two reasons. First, that moment may simply have all been in Mulder’s head rather than a message from the dead. But as this is the X-Files it seems more likely that the spirits he saw were in fact real and he was speaking with his father. So that brings us to the second point: Samantha was dead, but she was not in the afterlife – she was starlight.

Okay, I can hear people shouting at the computer from here, but try to remember what we know about Walk-ins. In “Red Museum” we see the other side of Walk-ins, the kind represented by humans and not disembodied spirits. Here we learn from Mulder that Walk-ins are believers in soul transference, enlightened spirits who have taken possession of other people’s bodies. In “Closure” Kathy Lee Tencate reaffirms this theory by telling Mulder that Walk-ins are old souls looking for new homes. This theory is again given weight as Harold Piller tells Mulder that the spirits intervened in the lives of the children saved from horrible deaths by transforming matter into pure energy, into starlight. Later Mulder even expands on his own knowledge of Walk-ins when he says to Scully:  “Maybe they are souls, Scully. Traveling through time as starlight, looking for homes.” So with this knowledge, given that the paranormal is true within the reality of this show, we know that should the children from “Closure” ever want to and should they ever find a willing host, like the believers of the Church of the Red Museum, they could one day return to our mortal coil within a new body.

So, let’s assume that Walk-ins become starlight, as was suggested, and that they can in fact live again in the body of a human who has given themselves up for the “old soul.” And let’s assume that the souls of the Walk-ins becoming starlight means that the Walk-ins truly are disembodied spirits, not alive, not dead. They are somewhere in between, which would explain why Bill Mulder did not see his daughter in the afterlife. And with these assumptions and understandings of Walk-ins based on information gained from characters within the two episodes dedicated to Walk-ins, here’s how I personally feel that we – the fans – and Mulder could one day see Samantha again in the show without having to ruin or rewrite her death or any information from “Closure.”

Let’s travel back to Season 2 and look at “Colony” and “End Game.” We see quite a few adult Samantha clones, or what we believe to be Samantha clones based on what information is given in the story. In Season 4’s “Herrenvolk” we see more Samantha clones, this time looking as she did when she was abducted at eight years of age, only these are mute, worker drones. Then in Season 5 we see what we have to assume is another adult Samantha clone in “Redux II,” although CSM tries to convince Mulder that she is the real Samantha. So let’s stick with the fact that Samantha clones are out there, and let’s imagine a scenario where Mulder gets so close to the truth that his life is finally in serious jeopardy, CSM or the Syndicate will finally terminate his life for real this time. Let’s imagine that he is also hot on the trail of more alien-human hybrid clones and some of them are of his sister, Samantha, yet again. This is now where my theory pays off: Mulder is about to die, with no hope for him left. Scully isn’t there to help him; he’s all alone – until suddenly one of the Samantha clones steps in to save his life, perhaps fighting off the Alien Bounty Hunter or CSM himself. But why?

In “Closure” we saw the spirit of Samantha comfort her brother, she and he both very much aware of the other’s existence now, and I feel it is plausible that Samantha has been keeping an eye on her brother from her afterlife as a Walk-in, as starlight. I also feel that it is entirely plausible that if a Walk-in can inhabit a body of a human that is willing to give themselves up to the lost souls that the Walk-ins may even have the ability to take over a body with force. And this is how I feel we could have Samantha back without rewriting or destroying what we know of her story so far. Samantha wants to save her brother so much that she forces the takeover of one of her clones’ bodies and steps back into our reality with a tangible, albeit cloned and augmented, body of her own self. She does what the believers of the Church of the Red Museum said they could do: her soul takes over a new body for her to inhabit.

Too sci-fi for some of you? Too much to see the actual spirit inhabiting the body in the last second idea? Okay, I can understand that – in fact, I’m with you. It would be more true to the show for her spirit to enter the clone’s body off screen. This would even give us, the audience, and Mulder moments of doubt, which is usually good drama. This would mean that another Samantha clone finds Mulder and saves his life or warns him of a danger to his life and then tells him she is his sister; ignore the new biology, she IS his real sister. Mulder, of course, would not believe this at first, having been lied to before, but then she tells him of the time they saw each other in the field with the other Walk-in children and how they embraced each other. It’s possible that Mulder told Scully what happened that day in the field, and let’s assume he told only her – if he even told anyone at all. With that in mind he would then realize that she must be the real Samantha. How else could she know of this meeting?

Ideally if this were to happen, I’d like this to be the end of the show. Mulder and Scully would both survive – I’m a sucker for a happy ending – and for the shippers and really even myself, they are a couple again who now have Mulder’s sister back from the dead, even if she is in a hybrid body. Hell, they can even throw William into the mix and end the show with the two of them having a family again; after all they have been through, what more fitting end could there be for our two heroes than to give them back that which they lost during the course of the show, a family?

Yes, okay, this is a super idealized happy ending; as I said, I’m a sucker for those. And yeah, I personally don’t think that we need to change Samantha’s outcome, BUT if they were to want to bring her back, or even if they wanted to please all of the fans who didn’t like the outcome of “Closure,” I think this idea would work well. So there you have it, how the real Samantha could return to the show – to Mulder’s life – without having to change the established past. Will it happen? No, I don’t think so, it’s just fan speculation after all, but hey, who knows – maybe Chris Carter will read this one day and go, “Hmmm…” And if he does, feel free to roll with it, Chris!

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