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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to E-mail us. There will be an effort to reply to messages, yet let me make it clear what won't be acceptable. Constructive criticism is welcomed of course, but rude messages that offer nothing constructive will be ignored. Pardon for being direct, but it is more informative for the staff if posters are specific and articulate about things they dislike then just being general in a critique. Besides, the staff doesn't need to be abused, life is too short for such things.

Art contributors:
Belle (Sarah): Mulder & Scully Art Gallery
Tere: Tere's X-Files Art,
Terry: Terry's X-Files Artwork, Store: Purchase Terry's art here,
Erin: E's X-page,
Helene: Helene Quaghebeur Art Galleries
Karen: The Fourth Dimension,
Red Scully
Philiater: XF Manipulations Hub,