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The X-Files Event Series Blu Ray giveaway trivia contest

The X-Files: Event Series 2 Blu-ray box set Giveaway

Here’s your chance to win a copy of The X-Files Event Series disc set (now available on Blu Ray). Just answer the eleven trivia questions. The participants with the highest percentage of correct answers will be placed in a random draw, and the winner will be notified via e-mail.

All contest participants must send us their basic contact information:
Full name
Country of origin
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and answers of course u!

You can reach us at the following:

Submission Deadline is July 10th 2016.

The Trivia Contest contestants who have won have been notified,

First Runner up: Laura Smethurst, UK
Second place Runner up: Jordan Johnson, New York

Thank you to everyone who entered.

Unfortunately all X-Files Lexicon staff and contributors, and employees of 20th Century Fox television are not eligible to enter. Here you go….

Main round:

1.    In “Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-Monster“, what is the name of the dog that Guy Mann briefly owns?

b.    What happens to the dog?

2.    At the end of “My Struggle”, what is the technical name of the triangular craft that intercepts and attacks Sveta’s car?

3.    In “Founder’s Mutation”, what is the psychic ability that Kyle and his sister Molly share?

b.    What is Kyle’s last name?

4.    In 2008’s “I Want To Believe”, and in the first episode, “My Struggle” in 2016, Scully is working at a hospital.

b.   What is the name of the Hospital?

5.   In “Babylon”, what is the pill that Mulder is given to help him solve the case and find the terrorist cell?

6.    At the end of “My Struggle II”, what is the common name for the immunity deficient plague that is affecting the public masses?

7.    What is the year on Margaret Scully’s quarter necklace in “Home Again”?

Tricky “I Want To Believe” movie questions Bonus round…

8.    What is the disease Scully believes Christian, the little boy she’s caring for, has?

9.    Can you name the animal supply store that Mulder drives to?

10.    The actress Vanessa Morley plays an FBI agent who passes Mulder in the FBI corridors, and they exchange a curious look, but who did she play in the TV series?

Classic era Bonus, Bonus round

11.    In “Duane Barry”, when Scully is looking on-line for the personal file on Duane Barry to help Mulder with key information, what is the case personnel file number?

(Hint, you can find it probably on the XFL’s “Duane Barry” episode guide, or the character profile at the dossiers.)