Fox Mulder

Deep Throat

Name: Unknown
Alias: Deep Throat
First Regular Appearance: 1X01 “Deep Throat”
Last Regular Appearance: 1X23 “The Erlenmeyer Flask”

Deep Throat was a man of much mystery and a bearer of forbidden knowledge about the truth that Fox Mulder seeks so desperately. He was a high ranking member of the Syndicate – the group of conspirators who entered into a secret pact with the Alien Colonists – as is evident by his relationship with the Cigarette Smoking Man and his appearance in a photograph Mulder found of his father and many of the Syndicate members at the Strughold Mining Company. Although he had a higher status within the Syndicate, presumably Deep Throat was not as far up the ladder as his cohort, the Cigarette Smoking Man, as he was never in attendance at the Elder meetings. His standing within the Syndicate did give him the power to overrule their well-placed FBI operatives and stop them from kicking Agent Mulder out of the FBI and closing the X-Files at least once.

Although he worked for/with the Syndicate, Deep Throat was secretly working to expose their conspiracy in the hopes that it might save the world from the oncoming apocalypse. In accordance with a pact made between several governments, Deep Throat was charged with the execution of a Grey (Colonist) who had survived a crash during the Vietnam War. He told Mulder, who had broken into the government facility that housed another alien, that the innocent and blank expression on the Grey’s face as he pulled the trigger had haunted him; that is, until he found Agent Mulder. Through Mulder, Deep Throat felt he could atone for what he had done by exposing the truth about colonization. During their short time together Deep Throat would pass along pieces of the conspiracy, vague clues or hints for Mulder to follow and for him and Agent Scully to unravel. While his intentions were for the greater good the risk to his own life was high. This meant that sometimes he would have to deceive Mulder and Scully by purposefully misdirecting them away from the truth if he felt they were getting too close to something that could expose him to the other Syndicate members. These actions began to drive a wedge between him and the FBI Agents.

Despite his occasional deceptions Deep Throat was a formidable ally to Mulder and Scully and he proved to them how far he would go to protect them and their quest for the truth when he sacrificed his own life to save Agent Mulder from the same fate. However death wasn’t enough to stop Deep Throat from atoning for his sins; in the case of such an eventuality, he had prepared another to take his place. That other was his trusted friend, X.

After his death Deep Throat appeared to Mulder in a dream brought on by a Navajo ritual called The Blessing Way, which aimed to save his life. In the dream he urged Mulder to fight for his life, to continue his search for the truth. As The X-Files often deals with the paranormal it would be easy to presume that this dream was an actual visitation from his fallen friend but as Mulder was on his death bed we also have to entertain the notion that it was simply a dream. Either way you look at it, his words resonated with Mulder and stayed true to his character.

Deep Throat did make one more appearance some years after his death while Mulder was suffering from the effects of his exposure to the Black Oil Virus in reaction to a relic from an alien ship. In this dream, seemingly induced by the Cigarette Smoking Man and his doctors, Deep Throat appears to Mulder in an Arcadia-style fantasy, which later becomes a nightmare, explaining that his death was faked and that he is living a wonderful life thanks to CSM. He is there to reassure Mulder, acting as a father figure, telling him that life outside his quest and under the safety of CSM’s protection is one to be trusted and enjoyed. Unlike his previous and ambiguous presence in The Blessing Way ceremony, this appearance by Deep Throat could only be a dream.

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