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Recap of Exclusive ‘My Struggle’ Screening Event Featuring Glen Morgan

Written by: Kathryn D. Moeller 11/11/15
Page Editor: Liz Tray

Recently, Matt Allair and XF fandom hub, the X-Files Lexicon, offered me the opportunity to screen the first episode from the upcoming miniseries, My Struggle, at an event hosted by Fox featuring Glen Morgan and some of the supporting cast from the show. I host an X-Files podcast called the K-Files, based in LA, and Matt tapped me to represent the XFL.

I first started watching the show in the 90s as a kid. I was terrified of the monsters – to an 8-year-old, the Flukeman was a horror beyond reckoning – but I was also rapt. The X-Files stoked my curiosity and my imagination, illuminating how big the world is and all the shadows in its many dark corners.

All of which leads me to say: There are so many more, new dark corners for Mulder and Scully to explore with their flashlight beams.

The event originally billed Chris Carter as the special guest, but at the last minute he was unable to make it. Glen stepped in and emceed, speaking for a few minutes about the miniseries. He first explained how CC and company landed on the six-episode miniseries format (he actually credited actor David Duchovny with the idea). Because of the new flexibility in TV programming, there was freedom to make it work with everyone’s schedules. Glen noted that, additionally, mid-size movies don’t really exist in the film marketplace right now and it made more sense to produce a TV vehicle all round.

Watching the episode, I observed that the limited episode order did allow budget-wise for some massive set pieces and top notch VFX that are superior, especially for network TV. The episode looked and felt more like the movies than the original series in that way.

Glen also mentioned that he and Chris Carter did ask the original writers’ bullpen to come back, including Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon and director Rob Bowman. Though all were busy, CC and co were able to get original series editor Heather MacDougall, and it’s no coincidence that the new opening credit sequence is a gloriously re-mastered version of the old one (with one key update: Mitch Pileggi is now sharing billing).

Glen specified that the miniseries is a continuation of the previous story, not a revival or a reboot. He joked that ‘we all hate the government again,’ so the time is right to bring the show back. He confirmed that the first and sixth episodes in the new series deal with mythology and the in-between eps are dedicated to The X-Files rogues gallery of monsters of the week.

It appeared in My Struggle that the Mulder/Scully relationship will be its own arc at the heart of the overall story and will develop incrementally, as in the original run.

The episode itself works hard to recap the whole history of the show while also setting up the new special world of the miniseries. Newcomers Annet Mahendru and Joel McHale are spirited additions to the cast. And, finally, the Mulder and Scully dynamic is maddening, enigmatic, and electric in a new way that I think will satisfy shippers and inspire a wealth of fanfic. 

After the episode, Fox hosted a cocktail party, attended by Glen and a few of the supporting cast, including the guest actress featured prominently in My Struggle, Annet Mahendru, aka abductee Sveta. I talked with her briefly at the party; she is very excited to be part of the show and hopes the fans enjoy the new episodes.

I also had the opportunity to exchange a few words with Glen and congratulated him on the achievement. I told him what I’m sure a lot of other fans feel: The X-Files helped to make me who I am. He’s a fan of the show, in his own right, and is happy to be back writing it.

All in all, I can’t wait to see what happens in January when Mulder and Scully flip those flashlights on once more. A big thank you to Matt at the XFL for the invitation and to Fox publicity for putting on the event. Stay tuned to the X-Files Lexicon on Facebook, Twitter, and at for more behind the scenes content as we count down the days until January 24th 2016.

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