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Some Truth about the 2nd X-Files Movie

Brief Q&A with Chris Carter about the 2nd X-Files Movie.
This questionnaire was conducted between 12/28/07 and 01/09/08. The questionnaire was complied and selected by Matt Allair, XScribe and Lexicon staff.

Once Twentieth-Century Fox had announced the green light during the Fall for the second X-Files Movie, there was a wave of curiosity about every aspect of the film. Speculation and rumors are a common part of fandom, which is why we at the Lexicon wanted to contact some of the key staff at Ten-Thirteen Productions to seek some Truth about the movie.

There was little, if any expectation that we could secure a few moments of Mr. Carter's time to answer questions. After all, he is tied up directing this feature--his feature film directorial debut. To my surprise, there was a possibility.

The next step was letting the fans know about this opportunity. Considering the years the devout fan base have remained faithful to the idea of a second feature film, as well as the possibility of a feature film franchise, it felt as though the fans deserved this opportunity. We had an incredible response to this announcement from fans and a broad range of questions were submitted. It was a testament to the intelligence of X-Files fans how good many of the questions were. It made the selection very, very difficult. I'd like to thank Gabe Rotter for his incredible cooperation. A deep thank you must go to Chris Carter for taking the time to do this.

Angie, Langley, BC: Mr. Carter, what excited you most about filming again? How have you found filming here (in Vancouver) again?

Chris: Vancouver was one of the things that made me most excited about making this movie. I have a home up here and many friends, and I've come to consider it my home away from home. I spent a lot of time over the last five years coming back to, not just Vancouver, but other parts of Canada, so it was nice to come back and get paid for it for a change.

Matt, San Francisco, CA: I noticed that Vancouver crew alumni such as David Gauthier, Shirley Inget as well as Mark S. Freeborn are involved in the production. Bill Roe was part of the Los Angeles crew. Is this production a good mix between the original Vancouver crew and the Los Angeles crew? Were many from the Vancouver production invited to work on this feature?

Chris: It was really hard coming back knowing that I could only hire one person for each position. You hope to come back and have a class reunion, but we worked so many years up here and employed so many really talented people in all departments and fields that we had more talent than positions. That's both a blessing and a curse, as Frank Black would say. You hope that feelings don't get hurt, and that everyone knows and understands that there's more work to come.

Angie, Langley, BC: Vancouver and the surrounding area(s) have changed so much; was that noticeable when it came to locations?

Chris: Yes, luckily. We used some of that new construction to our benefit.

DeeDee, Webmistress of xfiles 2 Movie blog, Mexico: Will the length of the movie be over or under two hours?

Chris: If it's over, I'm fired.

Diana: What would be the $64,000 question that you would like to be asked?

Chris: Is it true Mitch Pileggi and I are romantically attached?

Once again, I'd like to thank Mr. Carter for his time and to the fans who participated in this. The Lexicon will continue with its attempts to gather any additional information about the 2nd X-Files Feature. Please remember to mark the dates on your calendar for July 25, 2008!

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