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November 22, 2017, 11:18pm

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 Did the movie help the series or hurt?
Helped the series (5 votes)
Hurt the series (3 votes)
8 Votes Total Last vote March 5, 2011, 10:33am by LexiconMatt
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Did the movie help the series or hurt?  This thread currently has 3,221 views. Print
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September 27, 2006, 4:59pm Report to Moderator
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I thought it was time to set up the first poll for the movie section. Please discuss your thought's in hindsight if the movie, Fight The Future, helped the series as far as drawing more fans and expanding the mythology, or if the popularity of the movie hurt the series as far as the final four seasons are concerned.

This should be an interesting subject to survey. I'll be curious to get your reaction.

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September 27, 2006, 10:03pm Report to Moderator

[We Suck Young Blood]
Posts: 76
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I'd like to think that it was somewhat of a help but from what i've seen with my friends, only a few of them saw it (they weren't Philes in the first place). But they didn't continue watching the show after that.  

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October 12, 2006, 5:54pm Report to Moderator

Minimum Member
Posts: 88
Hurt the series. First of all, wasn't the show only supposed to have run for five seasons? Maybe if they'd followed through with that plan season 5 wouldn't have been so lame, the end of the show would have been at least semi-decent and of course the crappy later seasons couldn't have been aired. Also the show wouldn't have moved to LA, and wouldn't have gotten so "mainstream". And then there's the fact that the movie isn't even that good if you ask me. There were alot of episodes that kicked the movie's rump and were just much more engaging and impressive, such as Deep Throat, EBE, Anasazi... alot of the episodes had a "movie" feel and they pulled it off much better than when they actually went Hollywood.

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Jose Chung
October 28, 2006, 9:10pm Report to Moderator

Baby Member
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I think it hurt the series, personally.  It was mashed inbetween 'The End' which had a great cliffhanger and 'The Beginning', which was anti-climatic.  I really thought they should've waited to realise a motion picture until after the series was over, like Star Trek.

The best trilogy in the series has to be 'Anasazi'/'The Blessing Way'/'Paper Clip'. I personally thought 'Gethsemane'/'Redux'/'Redux II' would've been a perfect movie, to replace 'Fight the Future'.  So, I think the movie was not needed for the series.

I stuck through the entire series, even though the later season's weren't as good.  But I did like the 3 parter in 'Biogenesis'/'The Sixth Extinction'/'The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati'.

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November 14, 2007, 9:20am Report to Moderator

Baby Member
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Ok, there are arguments pro and against. I have to say I'm not a big FTF fan, because the "big budget => action & SFX" implication was too obvious for me.

- XF, the most cinema-like series in TV, got on the big screen for real
- XF was recognized to be worthy enough and strong enough to get a cinema release; not the same can be said of many shows... This kind of notoriety must have really given courage to the XF writing staff!
- Forced Carter & Spotnitz to sit down and really set things straight about where the mythology was going; sure, the mythology was made up as they went aong, but at least this way they had nearly 2 years planned ahead of schedule.

Off topic:
- was semi-successful financially: no, it wasn't a failure as some want to present it (didn't fare very good in USA, but overall internationally it was a net positive for FOX); no it wasn't as successful as FOX had hoped to either
- brought more viewers: who cares? if you were watching it, what's that going to bring to you?
- some say s5 was less better than average because 1013 conentrated on the feature. I don't think so: Redux I&II were excellent, Christmas Carol/Emily was different and beautiful, Patient X/The Red and the Black gave real answers to the mythology, many good loners as well (PMP, Bad Blood, Kill Switch, All Souls, Folia a Deux)... a fine season!

- Action, action and "Alien" rip off, and action
- blockbuster movie meant less mystery and more answers given; the mythology turned from mystery to pure scifi
- in terms of mystery, density and tension, many episodes actiually fared better
- XF got more mainstream, it definitely did in LA
- XF gathered enough momentum to continue for 4 more years... that's too much!

But after all:
- given that the success was there, Carter would have gone ahead with a movie anyway; that was his master plan, 5 seasons followed by a movie franchise
- and it shows! FTF is followed by 2 seasons which are much emptier than the previous ones mythologically (1 two-parter/season instead of 2, barely any substantial non-2-parter mythology eps)... Carter spead out the stories he wanted to do features on in 2 seasons, and ended up in the bad situation of having to create something new for s8&9...

So...in Carter's shoes, I would have chosen to do a movie as well, but I wouldn't have done FTF. Which is another way of not choosing.   Go for helped, with a long-term result of hurt.

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Well Manicured Eamon
October 30, 2011, 4:17am Report to Moderator

Baby Member
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Pesonally I loved the movie, I understand your reservations Orodroemus, they're wonderfully put and very intelligent, but, I happen to really love seeing The X Files writ large on the big screen like this, the widescreen photography (I wished they had went with anamorphic lenses, truth be told), a huge, orchestral Mark Snow score, and whilst there are obvious qualities to making it a blockbuster piece of entertainment like this, compared to say, the movies of Michael Bay, Carter, Spotnitz and Bowman get this totally correct. The story is well told, the humour is nicely placed, the character interaction is wonderful (kind of a cheat here since it's got five years of backstory to go with it) and it feels like a genuine film.

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