Season 1

1x10 Eve

Air date: 12-10-93
Writers: Kenneth Biller and Chris Brancato
Director: Fred Gerber
Editor: Stephen Mark
Director of Photography: John S. Bartley, C.S.C.
Documented Phenomenon: Genetic Manipulation, Extra-Terrestrial biology

Episode summary / Points to consider / Production analysis

In Greenwich, Connecticut an eight year-old girl named Teena Simmons stands outside her house shaking. Ted and Donna Watkins, two neighbors, jog by and ask what's wrong. They ask after her father, Joel and Teena tells them he's in the back yard, that 'he needed some time for himself'. Ted goes to the backyard and sees Joel on the swing set. He walks up to him and puts his hand on his shoulder--only to see Joel fall over, practically white with two large puncture marks in his neck. Teena screams upon seeing her father, and as Joel runs to call 911 she huddles in Donna's arms, apparently terrified.

Back at the FBI building in D.C. Scully is reading Joel Simmons's autopsy to Mulder. It reveals that he died from hypobolemia and his body was found with seventy-five percent of his blood gone. Scully is further amazed when she reports that Teena was supposedly gone from his side for less than ten minutes and has no memory of anything happening. There was no evidence at the scene and what was there was washed away by the previous day's rain. When Scully mentions the two wounds in Joel's jugular, Mulder responds by asking Scully if she's ever heard of the phenomenon known as cattle mutilation. Apparently, since 1967 thirty-four states have reported hundreds of cases of cattle mutilation. These mutilations bear a striking resemblance to the Simmons's crime scene--substantial blood loss, two holes placed with almost surgical precision at the jugular, though is the first time Mulder has seen these kind of marks on a human.

The blood loss is achieved through exsanguinations--if a needle punctures the jugular, the heart itself acts as a pump. When Scully asks how their was no sign of a struggle, Mulder responds that a substantial amount of digitalis--a plant that can be used as a paralytic agent--was found in Joel Simmons's blood. Scully then notes that the cattle mutilations are all considered related to UFO activity. Mulder points out that lost time is part of abductions (see the Pilot and 'Deep Throat') which would explain why the girl remembers nothing. Scully asks why aliens would travel thousands of light years to dissect cows, Mulder says for the same reason we dissect frogs and monkeys. He also points out that they seem to have moved up the food chain.

At a Social Services of Fairfield County in Greenwich, a social worker named Miss Wells tells Mulder and Scully that Teena Simmons's mother died of ovarian cancer and that she has no other family, so she must be placed into foster care. Miss Wells brings the agents to talk to Teena. The two agents gently question the girl who responds mostly in monosyllables until Mulder asks her if she saw any strange lights in the sky. Teena says there was 'red lightning' and that 'the men from the clouds' came. When Mulder asks why these men were after her father, Teena says 'they wanted to exsanguinate him'. Scully then gets a phone call and learns there has been another murder.

In Marin County, California Mulder and Scully are shocked to learn that in the murder of Doug Reardon not only is the crime scene and the method of murder the same, but that the killing took place on the exact date and time of the Simmons murder. Scully suspects two serial killers working in tandem but Mulder is sure that it is UFO related, even though the only real evidence is Teena Simmons' answers to Mulder's leading question. Mulder and Scully wait for Reardon's daughter Cindy (who was at the crime scene and also remembers nothing) to return from San Francisco; Mulder is sure she'll remember red lightning.

At 12:35 in the Fairfield County Hostel, Teena Simmons is sleeping when she awakens as someone comes to her room. Terrified, she puts a chair up to block the door, hides under the bed and when whoever it is enters, she bolts from the room. When Miss Wells arrives, Teena is gone. Back in Marin County the two agents discuss Teena's kidnapping--Mulder less than subtly suggesting that something rather than someone kidnapped her. Then both agents are stunned when the door is answered by Cindy Reardon--who looks exactly like Teena Simmons.

While Cindy watches television, Mulder and Scully question Ellen Reardon. They learn that Cindy is an only child but that she is Ellen's biological daughter. Ellen becomes angrier as Scully asks her if she has verification of Ellen's birth and when Mulder asks if she was the only child that she gave birth to. She is not appeased when the agents show her pictures of Teena Simmons with her father. Eventually she reveals that she tried to get pregnant for six years before she gave birth to Cindy through in vitro fertilization at Luther Stapes Center for Reproductive Medicine in San Francisco. Outside Scully asks Mulder if he still believes this case is UFO related--Cindy Reardon didn't see red lightning. Mulder admits the only thing that is the same about both cases is the girls' appearance, though he does question the likelihood of two identical girls on opposite coasts just happening to see their father exsanguinated. Mulder then tells Scully that if whoever it was who killed both men is the same person, he would expect that person to follow the same pattern and attempt to abduct Cindy Reardon. He tells Scully he's going to keep an eye on the girl and asks Scully to check out the clinic and see if both the Reardons and the Simmons's were in the same fertility program.

At the Stapes Center Scully asks Dr. Katz if it was possible for a woman to receive an egg from a different person then her without her knowledge. Katz tells her that the hospitals protocols are very strict. He does not reveal if the Simmons's were ever clients until he learns both parents are dead and doctor-patient confidentiality does not apply. Reading the clinic's records, Scully learns that the Simmons's came to the clinic nine years ago under the supervision of a Dr. Sally Kendrick. Reluctantly, Katz reveals the problematic history of Dr. Kendrick. She joined the facility in 1985 having graduated first in her class in Yale a doctorate in biogenetics. Katz believes that Kendrick was tampering with genetic material in the ova prior to fertilization--experimenting in eugenics. He fired her and demanded that the Department of Health investigate her. She was censured by the AMA but Katz' request for an investigation was denied by the government. Dr. Kendrick disappeared soon after.

Later that night, Mulder and Scully watch a videotape on the clinic featuring Dr. Kendrick while Scully theorizes that she (with an accomplice) committed the murders and that this is some kind of vendetta against the Stapes Center. Just then the phone rings. Scully answers it and hears a couple of clicks. When she tells Mulder about this he hurries her out of his room. Later that night Mulder (who we see eating sunflower seeds) waits by the docks for the arrival of Deep Throat. After some polite chatter, the informant asks Mulder if he had ever told him about the Litchfield experiments. In the early 50's (during the Cold War) people in the U.S government got word that the Russians were experimenting with eugenics--cross breeding top scientists and athletes in order to create a 'superior soldier'. The U.S got in on the game and began crossbreeding a group of children on a compound in Litchfield, where all the male children were call 'Adam' and all the females were called 'Eve'. He also arranges for the agents to visit the Whiting Hospital for the Criminally Insane. In Cell Block Z Mulder and Scully ask to see 'Eve 6'. After handing in their firearms and being given 'panic buttons', the agents are led down a long corridor until they reach Eve 6's cell. They are then handed flashlights 'because Eve screams when the overhead lights are turned on' They enter to find a woman bound and cuffed who says they must have found what they're looking for. The woman appears to be Sally Kendrick.

In a chilling conversation, Eve 6 tells the agents she is strapped up for 'showing affection' to a guard--she bit into his eyeball. She claims her I.Q. tops 265--"we're very bright, we Eves." When Mulder asks where the others are Eve 6 admits that they are prone to suicides and that only she, Eve 7 and Eve 8--both of whom escaped years ago--are still alive. She insists in her insane way that she is not Sally Kendrick but that she is, in a way. She also keeps saying that 'they'--whoever was involved in Litchfield--keep her alive and restrained in order to find out what went wrong with the project. Eve 6 claims that she, like the others, has 56 chromosomes (10 more than normal people) and these chromosomes created genes with enhanced characteristics such as strength, intelligence--and psychosis. Sensing Scully's doubt she tells the agent look at the 'family album' on her wall--pictures of several little girls who look just like Teena and Cindy. Mulder theorizes that Sally Kendrick was continuing the Litchfield project--by cloning herself.

That night as Cindy says her prayers and goes to bed at the Reardon house, Mulder and Scully watch from a car. Mulder theorizes that Sally Kendrick and the other Eve could have committed the murders together. Scully admits that she was beginning to suspect the girls. Later that night, Cindy awakes and walks to the window. Suddenly a light in her room flashes and Mulder and Scully bolt out of the car. Scully goes in through the front door and climbs the stairs only to be struck by someone in the darkness. Mulder goes around the back to see a woman break through a window carrying Cindy--another Eve. She responds to Mulder's threat by pulling a gun on the girl. Mulder puts his gun down and allows the Eve to get past him before grabbing his gun and charging after her. Unfortunately, both get away.

Later Scully describes the suspect to a policeman as Sally Kendrick--early 40's, five-nine, 135 pounds--and that she may have an accomplice 'similar in appearance' She is driving a blue 1993 Corolla and is armed, possibly psychotic and extremely dangerous. The police are coordinating with the Oakland bureau. While Mrs. Reardon fears for her daughter's life, Mulder attempts to ease her fears by telling her that since Kendrick and her accomplice murdered their fathers and kidnapped the daughters indicates that they want her alive. After she leaves Scully asks "then what will she do?" Mulder has no answer.

At a motel in Port Reyes National Seashore (40 miles north of San Francisco) Eve 7 (as she is referred to in the script) walks in to a dark room with Cindy. Apologizing for the circumstances, she introduces Teena (who she has kept restrained) to Cindy. The two young girls look at each other with expressions that are very difficult to read. Back at the Reardon house, a female cop tells Scully they found the blue car in San Francisco international airport. Scully is about to order a search of every passenger manifest on every recently departed plane when Mulder interrupts her to tell her that they spotted a woman matching Kendrick's description in Port Reyes. Scully is about to go to the airport anyway. Mulder insists this is more likely her because she arrived with a little girl, left alone, was gone all night and returns--with the little girl. When Scully questions the possibility that this could be a coincidence, Mulder tells her the motel owner remembers the girl because she told him to use chlorine to 'eradicate the dinoflagelants in the swimming pool.'

Back at the motel Eve 7 tells the girls that she's been keeping track of them since they were born. She has spent her time tracking the last Eve but her search was cut short "when you girls began your activity." She had hoped her experiments at the Stapes center had corrected the Litchfield flaw--in which Adams and Eve's began showing psychosis at age 16, homicidal behavior at 20. It appears the behavior has been accelerated. She asks the girls, now dressed in identical red clothing, when they learned of each others existence. Teena, or Cindy, simply says "We just knew". Eve 7 asks why they murdered their fathers. The girls respond serenely that "they have no fathers", that they weren't 'born but made', Eve 7 tries to explain that they can not behave this way, that they can be raised not to give in to genetic destiny, that with the proper environment and long term medication, they can become like her.

Suddenly Eve 7 begins to quiver and shake as the girls gleefully watch. They tell her that have put four ounces of foxglove, from digitalis they cultivated themselves, in Eve 7's soda, more than a lethal dose. When Eve 7 gasps why they did such a thing, the young killers say 'You tell us; you created us. We're your mistake.' Gathering the last of her strength, Eve 7 grabs a knife in order 'to correct it.' Mulder and Scully drive up to the motel where several police are waiting. Just as one of the cops is saying that no one has come out a window breaks. The two agents rush the door with the cops close behind. They enter to find Eve 7 lying in a pool of blood, one of the windows shattered, and Teena and Cindy holding each other, looking terrified. In tremulous voices the girls tell the agents both adult Eves held them prisoner, that they were supposed to drink but that they only pretended to do so and that the other Eve bolted. As the girls sit together terrified, Scully assures them that they'll be safe.

Later, Mulder and Scully look over the crime scene at the sodas full of foxglove that they believe Eve 7 created. A plainclothes detective comes up and tells the agent that a canvas of the area has revealed no trace of the suspects. He offers to have the police take custody of the girls But Mulder says that he and Scully will take custody. As the agents put them in their car, Scully notes how attached the two girls have become and how hard its going to be putting Teena into foster care. The girls exchange a glance.

That night, as they drive down the highway Teena and Cindy both mention that they need to use the bathroom. Scully admits the need for a caffeine boost and Mulder pulls over at a service area. At the station Mulder asks for two diet soda and both girls ask for "regular" in unison. The foursome go off to the bathrooms. Seconds later one of the girls sneaks out of the bathroom while the other tells Scully that her door is stuck. An attendant witnesses the girl picking up two of the sodas but Teena (or Cindy) assures her its okay--her dad will pay for it. The girls poison the two sodas and finishes just as Mulder shows up. He picks up one of the sodas and sips from it, noting its sweetness. The four prepare to leave while one of the girls casually reminds Mulder not to forget the drinks. He gets the sodas, pays for them and hands them out. Scully is sipping her drink when Mulder realizes that he forgot his keys and has to go back. Back in the service station Mulder picks up his keys (which are back where the drinks were poisoned) and sees the residue of foxglove.

He tastes it and rushes back to Scully. Mulder bolts out, slams open the door, sees the girls and than casually tells Scully he just wanted to open the car door. As he does, he knocks Scully's soda to the ground before leaning in and telling her that Cindy and Teena have poisoned them. Before the agents can turn around, the two girls have bolted. Realizing that they didn't drink enough to be poisoned, the two agents search for the girls. When Mulder finds them behind two trucks, Teena and Cindy scream for help, causing a hunter to come out of his truck holding a rifle. He disbelieves Mulder's claim that he's an FBI agent and takes the two girls to his wife. The woman says she's calling the police to which Scully indignantly replies "We are the police!" Teena and Cindy run off again and the two agents resume the chase back in the service station. Asking where the girls have gone, the attendant says a bunch of schoolchildren just left on a bus. The agent's car is seen tearing away from the service station. As it disappears Teena and Cindy emerge from their hiding place where Mulder grabs them up. As they claim to be just little girls Mulder replies "That's the last thing you are."

Back at Reardon household Mulder tells a distraught Ellen that she has a right to know what happened to her daughter. Ellen responds by tearing her daughter's face out of a picture of Teena and her father and throws it into the fire, saying that she never was her daughter. At the Whiting facility Eve 6 greets her new companions, Cindy and Teena, locked into cells with the labels 'Eve 9' and 'Eve 10'. Soon, a woman in a white lab coat appears in their wing--Sally Kendrick, or as the new Eves greet her, Eve 8. When Kendrick asked the girls how they knew she'd be coming for them, both girls respond: "We just knew."

Episode Summary / Points to consider / Production analysis

  • This is the first time when Scully's initial theory--- two serial killers working together--- are proven to be correct, as is her suspicion that the girls killed their fathers. Notice that she does not, at any point, take credit for being right, nor does Mulder acknowledge it. David B. Morris
  • The idea of genetics being used to build a 'superior soldier' is a theme brought up several times in the X-Files canon, most notably in Sleepless in Season 2. This is probably a distant relation to the 'super soldier' aspect of the conspiracy brought up in the last two seasons. This is also the first story where manipulation of genes and the creation of clones plays a critical role. It will become a vital part of the X-Files mythology, coming into play in Colony/End Game, Talitha Cumi/Herrenvolk and Memento Mori. David B. Morris
  • The Marin County location presented is geographically inaccurate. As a former Marin resident, I can attest to the fact that the street layout has more of a similarity to a Virginia neighborhood, or a perhaps a Glendale neighborhood, Glendale is a half mile from Los Angeles. Most upper class Marin neighborhoods are located on hillsides. The Reardon house would be more accurate if it were situated in a residential area of Sonoma County, or the town of Novato. Matt Allair
  • Just how did Cindy Reardon and Teena Simmons manage to kill their respective fathers at the exact same time? The suggestion would be that there would be some kind of telepathic link between the Eves, but there is no evidence of that between any of the adult Eves and Eve 6 gives no indication that this is possible in her discussion with Mulder and Scully. David B. Morris
  • While it is explained that Teena used Digitalis before she exsanguinated her father. It is never shown or explained why there's no evidence of blood at the scene of the crime. In spite of the detail of the rain washing away what little evidence from a forth night. We are lead to assume that Teena exsanguinated him on the swing seat. Considering that the blood would have had to been drained into a large container or a washtub, how could a girl her age have managed to leave no evidence, no splatters? In addition, if she committed the crime in the house, how could a girl her size have managed to drag her father outside and to the swing? We the audience is never shown that the police make any grim discovery of where the blood went. Matt Allair
  • How did Mulder know that the clicks on the phone were necessarily Deep Throat? Had he contacted him this way before? Other episodes (especially E.B.E. and Erlenmeyer Flask) would demonstrate this wasn't how the informant did business. Also, this is the only time that Deep Throat would leave D.C. in order to meet with Mulder. What was the shadowy figure really up to in Los Angeles? David B. Morris

Episode Summary / Points to consider / Production analysis

Eve, thematically, shares a similarity to the 70's film The Boys from Brazil, while managing to explore the subject of Eugenics without the references being all that obvious. This was the only script by either Chris Brancato and Kenneth Biller for The X-Files. Brancato would later produce and write for the 1990's revival of The Outer Limits, a series that was also shot in Vancouver. He would eventually become head writer of the critically acclaimed series Boomtown. Biller is now one of the producers and writers for Smallville. Teena and Cindy are the names of producers Glen Morgan and James Wong's wives. Eventually it would be revealed that Teena is the name of Mulder's mother. David B. Morris / Matt Allair

The producers initially looked for twins in Los Angeles, yet due to SAG child labor laws, the time limits imposed on flying children to Vancouver, as well as the limited number of hours children are allowed to film, didn't make it possible to bring outside talent within the schedule. Thus, local Vancouver talent was employed and they were fortunate to find Erika and Sabrina Krievins. The location of Lighthouse Motel / Diner where Sally Kendrick takes the girls in Port Reyes Seashore, was in two locations, the White Rock Sunset café and the Seacrest Motel in White Rock. Graeme designed an awning to compliment the exterior of the café. Ten semi trucks filled the parking lot of the café until the show wrapped up by 4 a.m., much to the annoyance of disgruntled drivers. Matt Allair

Harriet Harris, who played the disturbed but well intentioned, Eve 6 / Sally Kendrick, has recently appeared in a number of noted features such as Monster-In-Law, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, The One, Memento and Nurse Betty in 2000. Chris Carter has been noted for praising Mr. Harris' performance. Early feature appearances included Quiz Show and Addams Family Values. She has regularly appeared in the television hit, Desperate Housewives playing Felicia Tilman. She also regularly appeared as Bebe Glazer in Frasier. In addition, she appeared in another Ten-Thirteen Production, Millennium in the episode Lion Like A Hunting Flame. Her other TV appearances include CSI, Six Feet Under, Family Law, Ally McBeal, The Practice, Space; Above and Beyond, Murphy Brown, as well as Law & Order.

The Krievins sisters, Erika played Cindy Reardon, Sabrina played Teena Simmons, have only two television appearances of note. Both appeared un-credited in the 1991 television production of Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Clause. In 2002 they graduated from Lake Washington High School in Kirkland, USA. In 2003, Erika was a student at the University of Washington, Sabrina's nickname is 'bri'. Erika and Sabrinia have appeared at a number of X-Files conventions, their characters remain a favorite of X-Philes.

George Touliatos, who played Dr. Katz, has appeared in a broad range of features and television beginning in the seventies and eighties. His recent appearances include The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Good Boy! Other appearances include Gladiator Cop. His voice talents were used for 1981's Heavy Metal as well as appearing in Prom Night (1980). His second X-Files appearance was in Blood, during the second season. His television appearances included Stargate SG1, Di Vinci's Inquest, The Outer Limits, The Commish, and Airwolf.

Episode synopsis and review: David B. Morris
Additional review and production notes: Matt Allair
Page Editor: Red Scully

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