Historical Timelines

Historical Timelines

While the timeline is self explanatory, there are a few details the reader should consider. While there are cases of stand alone episodes that seem to bleed over into the primary X-Files Mythology, the vast majority of episodes that deal with the UFO phenomenon will qualify as part of the Alien Colonist Mythology. There are other examples in the arrangement of the timeline that become confusing where an episode should be categorized, Genderbender, for example, seems to be a Mythology episode, yet being that the ideas are never followed through again for the following eight seasons, it has been determined that it should be placed in the Non-Mythology timeline. Episodes such as Ice or Firewalker that deal with naturally transported off-world organisms for example, have been placed in the non-mythology timeline as well.

Timeline content by Mike Marek, unless ohterwise indicated.

This timeline covers events central to the X-Files universe. If you want an exhaustive timeline, covering all minor characters, events and relevent information in much more detail, you should visit Mike Marek's X-Files Timeline website. Many thanks to Mike for allowing us to use some of his content here. Red Scully

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