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Non-Mythology Timeline: Prehistory to 1970

13,700,000,000 billion years
The creation of the Universe, within a billion years, Milky Way Galaxy forms.

4,560,000,000 B.C.
The star Sol ignites. Within the next 30 million years, the celestial body known as Earth and the celestial body known as the Moon will form.

4,530,000,000 B.C.
The formation of the Earth's core is completed when its molten core separates from the mantle. (Scientific reports)

3, 500, 000, 000 B.C.
The oldest known microorganisms known as Archaea, burrow into Volcanic rock, it actually eats the rock. (Scientific reports)

250,000 years ago
A meteor crashes into Icy Point, Alaska, far north of the Arctic Circle. It carries extraterrestrial organisms similar to worms that are native to a cold ammonia environment. (1x07 Ice)

Circa 1400
A colony of tree mites infects a tree in what will someday be the Olympia National Forest of northwest Washington state. They continue to survive inside the tree as the years pass, and additional tree rings surround them. (1x19 Darkness Falls)

In the 15th century, a French peasant girl encounters an old Moor, selling rugs. She discovers that a powerful genie lives in one rug, and makes three wishes -- In response to this last wish, genie makes the girl a genie, herself, and she takes up residence in a rug. (7x21 Je Souhaite)

Juan Ponce de Leon makes his first exploration in Florida, seeking the legendary "fountain of youth." Instead he finds death by an Indian arrow. (Historical) Mulder speculates the X-Files concerning "Moth Men" may refer to those who drank from the Fountain of Youth. (5x04 Detour)

The Earth passes through the tail of comet Lexell, just a few times the distance of the Moon, crossing the Northern sky close to Polaris on its way into the Solar system toward the Sun. (Scientific)

Members of the Lewis and Clark expedition, exploring the Northwest, write of Indian men who are able to change their shape into that of a wolf. (1x18 Shapes)

April 4, 1849
The recorded date of birth of L.H. Rice, pseudonym of Alfred Fellig. (6x09 Tithonus)

The Chinese Wanshang Dhole wild dog is believed to have become extinct. The Wangshang Dhole may also be related to a form of Chinese werewolf, which has not become extinct. (6x16 Alpha)

November 26, 1863
Confederate soldier Sullivan Biddle dies in a battle with Union troops in Hamilton County Tennessee, Biddle's lover, nurse Sarah Kavanaugh hides nearby in a bunker. Fox Mulder comes to believe he was Biddle in a previous life. (4x05 The Field Where I Died)

The Peacock family builds a farm in Home, Pennsylvania, and begins (or maybe continues) a practice of genetic inbreeding. (4x03 Home)

November 3, 1868
Four coal miners accused of killing a prospector in a claim dispute are acquitted in court. The dead man was found with his skin completely removed, apparently while he was still alive, at the Fitzgerald Mine near Novi, Virginia. The prosecutor says that justice was not served. (9x04 Hellbound)

Late 1800s
A religious sect settles near Steveston, Massachusetts. They believe in complete isolation from other people, except for the occasional visit to the Steveston feed store. In Actuality, they are aliens with the ability to change sex and to emit massive amounts of pheromones. (1x13 Genderbender)

It is undetermined if this sect has any connection to the colonists or the alien bounty hunters, being that they appear to have the same shape shifting abilities, or if they are another alien species. - (Editors note; M.A.)

Eugene Victor Tooms commits a series of five murders in the Baltimore area, but is not captured. He begins a pattern of killing five people, taking their livers, and reentering hibernation every 30 years. (1x02 Squeeze)

September 27, 1909
A lawman, the reincarnated victim of an 1868 murder in which he was skinned alive, disappears after failing to find the person who killed four others by skinning them alive. (9x04 Hellbound)

On Harry Cokley is born in southeast Nebraska. He is the only son with five sisters. He is often beaten by his father. (2x12 Aubrey)

December 24, 1917
In Maryland, young lovers Maurice and Lyla die in a murder-suicide pact in anguish against an unjust world. Their pact is to always spend Christmas Eve together, even after death. (6x08 How the Ghosts Stole Christmas)

July 21, 1929
Photographer Lewis Brady is convicted for the murder of two people. Lewis Brady is a pseudonym for Alfred Fellig, an immortal man who hoped to encounter Death as his victims died. (6x09 Tithonus)

Eddie Van Blundht, Sr., is born with a vestigial tail and a unique layer of voluntary muscle under his entire layer of skin, which allows him to "make faces" and appear to be other people. (4x20 Small Potatoes)

A Trego Indian boy named Ish is born. (1x18 Shapes)

Victor Eugene Tooms commits his second series of five murders, in Powhattan Mill, but is not captured. (1x20 Tooms)

A WPA logging crew vanishes in the Olympic National Forest in northwest Washington. (1x19 Darkness Falls)

July 1, 1935
Finger prints are taken of Henry Strand, which in 1999 Mulder finds match those of Alfred Fellig and Lewis Brady. (6x09 Tithonus)

September 3, 1939
Southwest of the Bahamas, the British ship SS Queen Anne is reported sunk by a German torpedo. Mulder believes that it entered the Bermuda Triangle and had become caught in a time warp. (6x03 Triangle)

March 4, 1940
Howard Graves is born. He will eventually become a successful business man, selling Military technology to government contractors starting in 1973, eventually establishing HTG technologies. In 1969 he loses his daughter, Sarah, in a drowning accident. (Shadows) - (Editors Note; M.A.)

1941- 1943
The Philadelphia Experiment may have begun between 1941 and 1943. Scully later says it was an effort to make battleships invisible to radar during World War II, but as the Manhattan Project heated up, it was de-emphasized. (2x19 Død Kalm)

FBI Special Agents Sam Chaney and Tim Ledbetter disappear in Aubrey, Missouri, while investigating three rape/murders in which the word "sister" was slashed across the chests of the victims. (2x12 Aubrey)

The existence of DNA is discovered. (Historical)

A Navy transport plane carrying 42 year old Walter Chaco is shot down over New Guinea. He is the only survivor. He lives with the cannibalistic Jale tribe for six months before being rescued where he learns from them how to prolong life by cannibalism. (2x24 Our Town)

J. Edgar Hoover opens the very first Unexplained Phenomenon case, dealing with lycanthropy. (1x18 Shapes)

The Unexplained Phenomenon cases are initially filed under "U" in the Washington DC FBI office. They will later be moved to the roomier "X" drawer and will come to be known as "X-Files". (5x15 Travelers)

Additional note; In mathematical terms, "X" represents the unknown.

Circa 1946
Walter Chaco settles in Dudley, Arkansas, and begins building the chicken processing plant that becomes the major employer in the community. (2x24 Our Town)

An X-File is opened on the Jersey Devil case after a man is dragged off by an unknown animal while changing a car tire in the New Jersey woods. (1x04 The Jersey Devil)

January 6, 1948
Paula Gray is born, the granddaughter of Walter Chaco, who is in the process of building his chicken processing plant in Dudley, Arkansas. (2x24 Our Town)

A royal battleship disappears between Leeds and Cape Perry, on the 65th parallel northwest of the British isles. The seas were calm and the weather sunny. (2x19 Død Kalm)

The first Unexplained File dealing with what comes to be known as the "Moth Men" case is opened. The case involved primitive-looking men with glowing red eyes. (5x04 Detour)

June 24, 1952
One of two brothers named Arthur Dale (not the one who was a police officer in Roswell, NM) discovers secret experiments in Xenotransplantation -- the process of grafting another living organism into a human body. (5x15 Travelers)

July 15, 1952
Birthday of twins Roland Fuller and Arthur Grable. They are separated in childhood, and Roland becomes autistic. Arthur becomes an experimental physicist. (1x22 Roland)

A second series of murders in the northwest, in which the victims are ripped to shreds and eaten. The case remains unsolved. (1x18 Shapes)

March 4, 1954
Edward R. Murrow and CBS produce an editorial expose on Senator Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohen, regarding their over reaching pursuit of Communist infiltrators. The broadcast precedes the US Senates investigation into Senator McCarthy's conduct. (Historical)

A group of five hunters in Montana is attacked by a creature that appears to be half man and half bat. (8x04 Patience)

February 23, 1956
Jack Willis is born. (1x14 Lazarus)

October 23, 1958
Patrick Garland Crump is born. (6x02 Drive)

John Doggett is born, based on turning 18 in 1977, which is inferred from his resume seen in 8x01 Within.

Clyde Bruckman has tickets to a Buddy Holly and Big Bopper concert, prior to their airplane crash in Iowa. Due to the obsession on the event of the crash, he gradually becomes able to predict the circumstances of other people's death. (3x04 Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose)

A third series of murders in the northwest, in which the victims are ripped to shreds and eaten. The case remains unsolved. (1x18 Shapes)

Circa 1960
Albert Tanner is born. He has the unique ability to regenerate injuries to his body, and must consume cancer in order to survive. (4x14 Leonard Betts.)

Warren James Dupre is born in Klamath Falls, Washington. (1x14 Lazarus)

October 22, 1962
William Scully is at sea with the US Navy during the missile crisis, presumably participating in the blockaide of Soviet ships. His wife later mentions something about him marching off the boat and proposing to her. (1x12 Beyond the Sea)

Melissa Scully was probably born in 1962 (3x16 Apocrypha)

Victor Eugene Tooms commits a third series of five murders. (1x02 Squeeze / 1x20 Tooms)

A fleet of six Soviet mine sweepers vanishes on the 65th parallel, northwest of the British Isles. The seas are calm and the sky sunny. (2x19 Død Kalm)

Raymond Morrow becomes a police officer in Aubrey, Missouri, and has a daughter, named B.J. Morrow. (2x12 Aubrey)

Lucy Householder is born. (3x08 Oubliette)

Eddie Van Blundht Junior is born. Like his father, he has a vestigial tail and the ability to morph. (4x20 Small Potatoes)

Circa 1966
Sarah Lynn Graves, the daughter of Howard Graves, is born September 6, 1966, she drowns three years later in a Pool accident. Lauren Kyte is born that same year, as an adult she will become a secretary for Howard Graves who treats her as a surrogate daughter. (1x05 Shadows) - (Editor's Note: M.A.)

March 16, 1966
The Gemini 8 mission suffers serious thruster malfunctions, causing the craft to tumble and roll after the first-ever American spacecraft docking in space. The crew consists of Neil Armstrong and Dave Scott. (Historical)

The episode Space indicates that Astronaut Marcus Aurelius Bolt was on this flight, and that there was also an oxygen loss. (1x08 Space)

November 14, 1966
What is known as the "Mothman flap" begins, in a field near Salem, West Virginia. Mulder suspects there's a connection to the Florida events. (News Accounts / 5x04 Detour)

Frank Briggs retires, the Tooms murders continuing to haunt him. He fears that in 25 years, 1993, more killings will occur. (1x02 Squeeze / 1x20 Tooms)

Eight year old Albert Tanner is assaulted by two school boys. He does not defend himself. (4x14 Leonard Betts)

Circa 1969
Fox Mulder encounters a preying mantis while tree climbing, and decides he hates insects. (3x12 War of the Coprohages)

Jack Conroy is born. He eventually becomes a US Customs officer, based in San Pedro, California. (6x16 Alpha)

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