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The Lexicon's New Years appreciation role call...

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This past year has been, collectively, a banner year for all of X-Files fandom. The following has become a bit of a tradition here at the XF Lex. In reflecting on this set of New Years "Thank You's", the deepest of appreciation must go to Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, David Duchvony, Gillian Anderson, the other cast members, studio producers, and the technical crews of "IWTB" for making the film happen, thus, for giving the fans the gift of another film.

For the Lexicon, this year has been full of the greatest collections of highs one could have hoped for. Many that we could never have imagined. Again a special thank you must go out to Jana Fain, for opening doors, and Frank Spotnitz for personally believing in me and the Lexicon.

The both of them connected us to Sven Davison, a man who has been supportive, and gracious, who demonstrated real confidence with myself and the Lexicon team.

A huge thank you must go out to Adam Vadnais and Jesse Drake of Trailer Park, for their confidence with me and my staff by treating us as equals in this incredible journey, their professionalism, and for their pleasant nature and humor. They reinforce the feeling that there are some good people in Hollywood.

Robin and XScribe went above and beyond the call last June, and made what felt like an impossible task, become possible. They felt like true comrades in arms through some of the crazy days of summer. My debt to them I could never repay.

More recently, Jill came through with her incredible redesign of this site. She had to build or redesign an immense about of pages, and I am astounded that she did so with no complaint, and that she has been so giving with her time. My gratitude is nearly beyond words.

I must thank Lesley Chen from Fox Promotions in Los Angeles for helping to make our new contest happen, as well as Tiffany Chen from Fox promotions of New York, for her support and assistance in 2008.

Some of this years interviews were the high points of the year. I have to thank again Howard Gordon for taking the time with his interview, as well as thanking his assistant, David Niles, for helping to make it happen. John S. Bartley was more than generous with his time, as well gracious, his interview was a great moment for the Lexicon, I'd like to thank him again, as well as his agent Ann Murtha, for helping to make it happen.

Terry Ebright was never really properly acknowledged for her role in securing our press pass so that Lisa Angelo could interview Mr. Carter and Mr. Spotnitz, and I'd like to thank her again for her tireless efforts. I must also thank Kevin Parry for his wonderful photos from the Paley Festival.

I'd like to thank Matt Hurwitz for the generosity of his time with his interview, his personal counsel and support, and his support of the Lexicon through his actions. It's pretty rare in this day and age.

Mark Hayden, who is one of the managers for the Back To Frank Black petition campaign, came forward as an incredible friend to the Lexicon, and went above and beyond to recruit some fresh faces and talent to the site. I am in his debt and appreciate his commitment to the X-Files community.

Lisa Angelo is another person who surfaced this past year and has done so much for the site. She's an incredible asset for anyone, and I appreciate her support. We meet through WonderCon and it has been great ever since.

Of the people I met at WonderCon, I'd like to thank Beth Milstein for photographic contributions to the WonderCon piece, it was greatly appreciated. As well BeckyC, who has remained a great friend to the Lexicon.

Although he is a new face, I'd like to thank Joe McBrayer for his contributions and his support.

I'd like to congratulate Christopher Knowles for his great fortune within the past year, and thank him for his support.

Angie C, who not only benefited from having a question answered by Chris Carter, also turned out to be a great contributor this past year, and I appreciate her enthusiasm and support.

Once again, I'd like to thank Red Scully and NkY for their continued support. As well as our new moderator, Aliatope1013.

To Karen, Viridian, Philiater, Bellefleur, MullySculder, Polly, Invisigoth, as well as Sarah, Erin, Terry, Tere, and Helene, thank you for your wonderful artwork that continues to grace the site.

I'd like to thank Kimon from Eat The Corn for his continued support and friendship.

The continued and patient cooperation of Avi, Tiffany and Holly from X-Files News. Damien from The X-Files Ultimate, Alison Groves from the Big Light Social Network, Mike Marek of the X-Files Timeline, Aly from Ask Dr. Scully, Ghostfreak from the X-Files Megan from XF Roadrunners, and Richard and his staff at CC2K.

I'd like to thank all of the new members who registered at the Lexicon Forum, many of whom have been longtime supporters and friends to the Lexicon and many are new friends. The fan success of the Lexicon and the Lexicon Forum is in no doubt because of you:

Lucinda, RomanL, danascullyfbi, bluesformoon, dreamingirl, DaSilva, firecracker, Marina_S, veda, Eve, xangel, elex1013, Ratboyfan, Lady_Time, WiretapDancer, Scudder, KhAoz, MauraXPhile, Grail_King, Dead_Princess, jettest, danaxf, afs, HPD, Winnie, analu, mistrust, fra1506, xpm,

My apologies to anyone I may have forgotten. 2008 was a historic year for the Lexicon, and 2009 is shaping up to have the same potential. Keep visiting The Lexicon and I wish you all a great New Year.

Our contest giveaway, and website changes...

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Matt here: We are proud to present what we call "The New X-Files Lexicon 2.0" version of the site. We hope you will find this more accessible and we have a range of surprises in store.

Through the cooperation of the marketing division of 20th Century Fox Television, The X-Files Lexicon is proud to announce our special giveaway contest. The grand prize will receive the duel pack Blu Ray set of "Fight The Future" and "I Want To Believe". The runner up will receive a DVD of "I Want To Believe" (Ultimate Phile Edition).


In order to win, here is the contest.


If you could promote the X-Files 2 movie at a retail store, how would you do it?


To win, you must create a promotional display, like you would find at a store window, or store wall display, or create a promotional DVD bin, like you would find inside a store, that promotes the DVD's for "I Want To Believe". If you create a promotional bin, it has to be able to hold DVD's or Blu Rays, and that has to be clear in your photo submission.


This display has to be physically created by you, and a digital photograph has to be taken, along with your information. To clarify, Photoshop manipulations won't count, you have to build this display.


You can use whatever X-Files visuals you have, and there is no limit with how creative you can be. The submissions will be judged based on how creative and inventive the displays are. We feel, due to the economy, we should ask for a materials expense limit, so please do not spend no more than 50 dollars on materials, and ideally, please spend less.


This contest is about creativity, imagination, and inventiveness.


You can forward your photo of the display to:


When you submit your photo, please include your name, and where you live. The winners will be contacted for additional information.


The submission deadline is January 14th.


Best of luck!