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The Passing of director Kim Manners....

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Sad new today, director Kim Manners passed away after a fight with cancer.

Kim had a passion for this series that really endeared him to the fans.

While it's trite to say this, life is very precious indeed, and it's moments like this that reminds everyone to make the most of every day. Certainly, Kim was a great example of someone who seemed to live life to the fullest, who brought a cheer and a great deal of humor to the crews who worked with him. I can only base that on all of the behind the scenes clips I've seen, but that's the impression I was always left with.

Kim was one of the favorite directors of the fans and crew, he directed such great episodes as Die Hand Die Verletzt, Humbug, Apocrypha, Home, Tunguska, Redux II, Patient X, Dreamland, The Sixth Extinction, Closure, Without, Existence, The Truth

Please pass long your prayers and thoughts to his family.

Furthermore, the Inspired by Gillian team has created a fund in memory of Mr. Manners  that will be collected and donated to the American Lung Association.

Inspired by Gillian

For anyone who wants to forward their condolences to the family of Kim Manners, you can forward it to the following address:

Holly Ollis
Warner Bros. Television
4000 Warner Blvd. Bldg 140, Rm 115
Burbank, CA 91522

Revised contest....

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We at the X-Files Lexicon, after assessing the reaction to the Contest, have felt we should make adjustments.

Therefore, we've changed the contest to be more open and accessible.

The First prize is the Dual set Blu Ray for "I Want To Believe" and "Fight The Future". The second and third runner up is "The Ultimate Phile Edition" of "I Want To Believe".

There will be a lottery draw for the winners.

This is open to everyone in America and Europe.

In order to be eligible, you must correctly answer the following question.

One of the members of the rock band Filter, who contributed to both X-Files soundtracks, "Songs in the key of X" and "Fight The Future", is a blood relative of a key cast member on "The X-Files". Who are they? Your answer must include the musician and the actor.

You can forward your answer to:

When you submit, please include your name, and where you live. The winners will be contacted for additional information.

The new deadline is January 28th.

Best of luck!

Book Signing....

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There's a lot behind the scenes we are working on for the Lexicon, but we just got word of something interesting. While many of you are aware, we at the Lexicon have been very supportive of Matt Hurwitz's book. On Saturday, February 21st at Book Soup, Frank Spotnitz and author Matt Hurwitz, will host a book signing, there will be a 20 minute talk, as well as a question and answer session.

SIGNING FOR "The Complete X-Files: Behind The Series, The Myths and The Movies"

Please mark it on your calendar.