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Matt here: There's a lot of informational business to bring up. First off, related to the site, we added a banner link to Big Light Productions social network. Alison Groves has done a wonderful job of networking with all segments of the X-Philes community, and we at the Lexicon strongly support the Big Light Social network, please visit their banner on the main page.

2nd, X-Files News and Avi Quijada conducted her own wonderful interview with R. W. Goodwin.

As well as Sheila Larken. Please take a look

The promotions department for "Alien Trespass" forwarded a listing of where the film will be playing, many of these are smaller, independent Theatre's, which is interesting and fitting. Please consider checking out this film:

Opening April 3rd.

California, Berkeley - Shattuck Cinemas 10
California, Hollywood - Mann Chinese 6
California, Monterey - Osio Plaza 6
California, Palm Springs - Camelot Theatre - Cinemas Palme D'Or
California, Pasadena - Playhouse 7 Cinemas (Old Town 1)
California, San Diego - Hillcrest Cinemas
California, San Francisco - Embarcadero Center Cinema 5
California, Santa Cruz - Nickelodeon Theatres
Colorado, Denver - Mayan Theatre (Boulevard)
Illinois, Chicago - Landmark's Century Centre Cinema (Near North)
Illinois, Evanston - CineArts 6
Massachusetts, Boston - Kendall Square Cinema (Cambridge)
Minnesota, Minneapolis - Uptown Theatre (Hennepin Ave) 
Nevada, Las Vegas - Village Square 18 (West)
New Mexico, Albuquerque - High Ridge Theatre 8 (Four Hills Hiridge)
New Mexico, Santa Fe - De Vargas Mall 6
New York, New York - Empire 25 Theatres (42nd Street) - Chelsea Cinema 9 (Chelsea) - Village East Cinemas
Oregon, Portland - Fox Tower 10 (Downtown)
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - Ritz at the Bourse
Texas, Austin - Dobie Theatre (Dobie) - Arbor Cinemas at Great Hills (North)
Texas, Dallas - Magnolia Theatre (Art Core)
Texas, Houston - Angelika Film Center
Texas, Plano - Angelika Film Center and Café (Plano Art)
Washington, DC - E Street Cinema (Union Station)
Washington, Seattle - Metro Cinemas (U District)
Washington, Bellingham - Sehome 3 Cinemas
Wisconsin, Milwaukee - Sundance Cinemas 608 (Madison/Central)

Fan Made X-Files Charity Book...

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Raskolnikov has contacted the Lexicon with a request to post the following request, it's a great idea, as well as for something noble. Please consider helping:


A some of you may have heard, I am spear heading an X-Files location book for the Southern California area. The book will cover locations from Fight The Future and Seasons 6-9. It will also include past and present location pictures, addresses, and descriptions. This book will be written for fans, by fans.

Due to his prolific work on the show, the book will be dedicated to the memory of Kim Manners and all of the books profits will go to a charity of the Manner's Family choosing.

If anyone has any information on location address, or would like to share your personal stories from working or meeting with Kim, please email me at

The book will also feature interviews with Philes that worked on the set (in any capacity) or were silent passive observers.

If you have any stories, memories, or photos from your time on set that you would like to share, email me at the above address.  So far I have been able to find and photograph locations used in  En Ami, Chimera, Fight the Future, The Unnatural, The Goldberg Variation, Drive, Triangle, Existence, and Fight Club.

Anyone who provides location information or assistance with the project will be given proper credit in the book. Remember, this is a book made by fans, for fans.

Thanks in advance!

To everyone, thank you for visiting the Lexicon.

New exclusive interview with R.W. Goodwin!!!

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Matt Here: Our exclusive interview with R.W. Goodwin is up, and it is a very dense interview, with a number of interesting revelations.

Bob Goodwin Interview

On a related front we have a new entry on the Lexicon blog. While I consider the blog to be a separate entity I did feel it was important mention it, please take a look.

Lexicon Blog Entry

We will have new episode guide reviews upcoming, as well as the first set of material for our new section: Case Analysis, this material is around the corner, and so please keep visiting the Lexicon.