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New Frank Spotnitz projects....

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Matt here: Sorry for all of the delays in posting new developments. As requested by the great people at Big Light Productions, that is, to anyone not familiar with Frank Spotnitz's great company, there has been a number of new developments with shows that Frank will be producing for HBO, as well as a new Pilot for XF, "Arc".

You can find out more about the projects for HBO, "Humanitas" as well as his adaptation of Robert Silverberg's novel: "The World Inside" to be produced for that network, at this link:

Variety Article

Please remember to check out these programs when they debut sometime in the near future, it's always appreciated when fans support all X-Files alumni.

We're backlogged with new Lexicon material which will be coming soon. We might be spicing things up with the Lexicon blog soon, so please keep visiting the Lexicon.