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New exclusive interview with Jana Fain!!!

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Matt Here: The Lexicon is proud to present our new interview with Jana Fain, who was up until recently Frank Spotnitz's assistant.

Jana Fain Interview

More to come. Again my appologies for the huge gap of published material, but there has been a lot in the works that will be seeing the light of day soon. Once of which is a significant development! Enjoy and please keep visiting the Lexicon.

New fan art, and developments...

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Matt here: Once again, sorry for delays in posting new developments. We are about to have a tidal wave of new material around the corner. We have a huge amount of fan art that is already featured on the site. Invisigoth created art now featured for the episode Little Green Men. And Polly has created a large number of submissions that can be seen in the character dossier pages.

We have a new exclusive interview; details about it are around the corner. We have also been involved in a major, and potentially historic, project for the last six months, and details should be coming out soon. My profound apologies for delays in mentioning the fundraiser organized in honor of Mitch Pileggi's sister, Judi Ward, that occurred October 3rd in Simi Valley, California. I understand it was resounding success. We will try to improve with posting such significant developments in the future. A lot around the corner, stay tuned, and thanks for visiting the Lexicon.