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New exclusive report on IBG Event and David Nutter

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Matt here: We are proud to present a new exclusive, Raskolnikov's report about the IBG Event in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, we are working on securing an interview with Director David Nutter about his years of working on the first three seasons of The X-Files, nothing is locked down as of yet, but we hope this will happen before the end of this year. We thought we should ask fans if they might have some questions.

For more information, please visit here.

We will only consider questions if they are posted on the Lexicon Forum. If you have not done so, please register with the Lexicon Forum, it's a great place, registration should only take a few seconds. Questions could be directed at my E-mail, but, in fairness, I'd rather have questions posted on our forum, I hope everyone understands.

Thanks and keep visiting the Lexicon.

Exclusive report on X-Con, Omnibus feature, and News...

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Matt here: Another round of new material. Red Scully wrote an excellent report about attending the X-Con in Berlin.

The Werewolf article featured on the Omnibus has been expanded with more material, as well as a format adjustment, which we think people will very much like.

Erica has produced another video promo for LAX-Files that is quite moving tribute to Kim Manners, and made it's debut over last weekend's IBG event.

A report on the IBG event is forthcoming, as well as another ep guide review. You can expect to see a lot more changes and new additions around the corner.

Thank you and keep visiting the Lexicon.

New ep guide review and Omnibus article and News...

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Matt here: We have a number of new articles, and more around the corner.

A belated announcement, but Bellefleur's review for Colony is now up in the episode guide. A good friend of the Lexicon, Erica,  has requested that we mention the promo for her new book, LAX-Files, the book's proceeds are going to charity, in tribute to Kim Manners, it's a great cause, and should be an interesting book about, nearly, all of the locations used during the LA years of The X-Files.

Joe McBrayer has written his second article for the Omnibus, about Immortality (The Fountain of Youth), please take a look.

We have an exclusive report about the X-Con in Germany, and that is pending and should be up soon. Polly created more art for the character dossiers. Thanks for visiting the lexicon, a lot more material and changes this month are coming!