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Annual New Year Thank yous...

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Well, and yet another year has gone by, and we're back with our little tradition of New Years Eve Thank you's. Some might wonder why we do this, after all, most sites will offer up lists of the biggest events, or best of lists, but I feel that an acknowledgment of thanks seems more fitting. There's a lot of people who work behind the scenes, faces that come and go, as well as new friends, and each of them have somehow helped to shape what the Lexicon has become.

XScribe has continued to be an incredible help, and ally, I continue to owe her a debt for sticking with this venture even if it's been a challenging year in some respects.

Jill continues to go above and beyond. I approached her with an incredible challenge near the start of the year, and she has managed to commit the time with good cheer and grace.

I must personally thank Adam Vadnais for his continued support and counsel, even if we have long moved on from our project together, his availabilty is appreciated.

I'd also like to thank Dean Okazaki from Fox's Home Entertainment Legal, for his patience and counsel, it's deeply appreciated.

I must personally thank Jana Fain, not only making time for her wonderful interview, but for her support, friendship, and really coming through over the summer; her presence at Big Light will be missed.

I owe a huge thank you for Robert Goodwin, for his incredible generosity, availabilty, and for delivering one of the best interviews to grace the lexicon as of yet.

A special thank you must go out to Alison Groves from the Big Light Social Network, for her continued friendship, support, and for allowing me play around with Big Light's new toy before release, the Wiki feature! It was an honor.

I must thank bellefleur and David Morris for their efforts this past year, and for their endless patience, I am well aware there's been some bumps, and they have been gracious.

Diego Z has been an incredible help this year and has made a huge difference, he's really gone above and beyond, and I am in his debt.

Two individuals really came back into the fold this year in a big way, and I appreciate their commitment. Chris Knowles, and his incredible Secret Sun site, as well as Red Scully who delivered her top notch X-Con report.

Joe McBrayer has remained a steady friend to the Lexicon, and has continued to deliver some great work as well as enthusiasm. Thank you.

A trifecta of thanks must go to a group of people who has been helping with a very special and important project. Mark Hayden has remained an incredible friend to the Lexicon, as well as helping to open a door to a person who could be of great importance in the future. James McLean also shared his support, and friendship. Lastly, Kimon from Eat The Corn was one of the earliest people to become involved with the above project, and his support, as well as friendship remains in high regard.

I also must thank Dietrich Johnson for his cooperation.

I also must thank Raskolnikov, who was not only busy finishing up her own fan book, but managed to take time to deliver her great IBG report, she has increasingly shown herself to be quite invaluable, and she's in my debt.

Shivani Saran has been an incredible help at the Lexicon's Facebook group page, and I continue to look forward to her help in the future.

To Karen, Viridian, Philiater, MullySculder, Polly, Invisigoth, as well as Sarah, Erin, Terry, Tere, and Helene, thank you for your wonderful artwork that continues to grace the site.

I'd like to thank Nicky and Aliatope1013 for their continued assistance with the Lexicon Forum.

Avi, Tiffany, and Holly from X-Files News has continued to be an incredible help, and I appreciate their friendship, goodwill, and support.

Mike Marek from The X-Files Timeline, is another that I must thank for his great understanding, patience, and support, it was more than I expected.

I should also thank for the continued and patient cooperation of Damien from The X-Files Ultimate, Aly from Ask Dr. Scully, Ghostfreak from the X-Files Megan from XF Roadrunners, and Richard and his staff at CC2K.

I'd like to thank everyone who has friended us at Twitter, or joined our Facebook group, the list is too long to mention here, but it's appreciated.

The Lexicon Blog is still the baby of the bunch, but for all those who or follow and visit, I thank you, we'll try to keep it interesting.

I'd like to thank all of the new members who registered at the Lexicon Forum, many of whom have been longtime supporters and friends to the Lexicon and many are new friends. The fan success of the Lexicon and the Lexicon Forum is in no doubt because of you:

xangel, Ratboyfan, LadyTime, danaxf, HPD, Winnie, fra1506, hexagon, rellikjedi, Agent addex, ozium, danascullygilli, rob, mrdard, hosie, vytiense, Mirentxu, Trustno1979, Dolphin1980, Ksux, ronin0804, Ellise12, Danova, wulcan, Tempest

My apologies to anyone I may have forgotten. 2009 was a good year for the Lexicon, and we shall see how 2010 shapes up to be. Keep visiting The Lexicon and I wish you all a great New Year.

New developments with the LAX-Files book

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Raskolnikov has requested that the following information be posted. From Raskolnikov's statement:

This is fan made book dedicated to the memory of the late and great television director, Kim Manners, featuring location information for The X-Files: Fight the Future and Seasons 6-9 of The X-Files as well as interviews with the cast, crew, and fans.

Kim is known for his prolific work on 21 Jump St., Brisco County Jr, The X-Files, and Supernatural.

All of the books profits will go to the American Cancer Society, the charity of the Manner's Family choosing.

Anticipated release date for the book is January 2010.

There's a Facebook page with further information.

There's a lot more material around the corner, thank you for visiting the Lexicon.

Interesting news about Lexicon staffer, Joe McBrayer

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Matt here: One of our staffers, aside from his contributions with the Lexicon, has a couple of important outside projects. Joe McBrayer has been involved with the Millennium virtual season fan driven series, and it will be making it's debut next September, 3rd, in 2010. But they are in need of potential writers, if interested, please go to the following page.

Joe also runs a baseball blog that we would like those who are interested to visit.

While that might not seem relevant, bear in mind that Chris Carter is a huge baseball fan, and you never know, he himself could always visit Joe's blog.

More to come, keep visiting the Lexicon.