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New exclusive interview with Robert Shearman!!!

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Matt here: The Lexicon is very proud to announce our exclusive interview with author Robert Shearman about his book, "Wanting to Believe: A Critical guide to The X-Files, Millennium & The Lone Gunmen".

It was an interesting interview, and it might stir up some strong opinions either way.

A review of the book can be found here at the Lexicon Blog, Thank you for visiting the Lexicon, a lot more material is forthcoming soon. Please keep visiting.

Featuring Free Wallpaper downloads...

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Matt here: The Lexicon is proud to announce that we have added a section where we offer wallpaper downloads for free.

All of the great work was done by our new art contributor, OceanDreams, and our web person, Jill, must be credited for putting this together and coming up with the initial idea!

New article, charity efforts, and LAX-Files

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Matt here: This update page is very much behind schedule, my apologies for that.

I first wanted to address the Red Cross banner that one can find on the main page. As soon as the earth quake in Haiti occurred, I very much wanted to help, and immediately contacted that great people of IBG Inc, to see if they had anything planned. they didn't, but they offered a list of websites that Frank Spotnitz strongly supports. In light of the recent developments in Chile, this seemed relevant to bring this up.

For both Haiti and Chile, you can contact The Red Cross through IBG here.

Or you can reach, Partners in Health, one of Frank Spotnitz's charities.

Or Katherine Fugate's web site, one of the sites that Gillian Anderson highly recommends, and a site that offers a number of options.

I just wanted to briefly contextualize, now that it has been a several months since the Haiti earthquake. I hope people understand that the infrastructure in Haiti was completely destroyed, and it's going to a long process to rebuild that country from the ground up, so please continue to assist.

Onto other news and I heard this directly, Raskolnikov's Book, LAX-Files is impending and should be released in a couple of weeks!

We also have a new article that I wrote for the Paranormal Omnibus, a piece on Spontaneous Human Combustion.

Some additional exciting news is that today, we just conducted an interview with author Robert Shearman about his book about X-Files, that should be up within the week!

Thank you and keep visiting the Lexicon.