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New article, XFU contest, and Birthdays

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Matt here: It's fitting to have to update this page today, as it's October 13, the Birthday of Chris Carter, who was born in 1956. The Lexicon staff would like to wish him a happy 54th Birthday, and for anyone who has ever felt like a late bloomer in life, a bit of context, Chris Carter got his big break in 1985 when he was signed by Jeffrey Katzenberg to a development deal for Walt Disney Pictures, after Katzenberg read one of Mr. Carter's screenplays, he was 29. It took the production of several failed pilots until Mr. Carter found his voice, he was 37 when The X-Files debuted.

I raise this point because the conventional thinking seems to be that a filmmaker has to make his mark by 25, and that isn't always the case, every path is different for each individual.

We have Angie C's new article, part 2 about the status of Vancouver locations for The X-Files.

Maurisa, from The X-Files Universe has asked us to mention their first video contest has begun, the submission cycle begins today, 10-13, and ends 12-14, and a winner will be announced 1/1/11.

Contest promo video

More to come - thank you for visiting the Lexicon.