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The Lexicon's New Years appreciation role call, 2010

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This year has been a trying time for the Lexicon, we ended having a lot of behind-the-scenes projects in development that haven't come into fruition as of yet, but we hope that 2011 will shape up to bring all of these to reality. Once again, there's a lot of people who work behind the scenes, faces that come and go, as well as new friends, and each of them have somehow helped to shape what the Lexicon has become.

XScribe continues to be an incredible help, and ally, I continue to owe her a debt for sticking with this venture even if it's been a challenging year in some respects.

I put forth a set of challenges to Jill this year, and she continued to go above and beyond, with a good amount of grace and cheer.

I must thank Angie C, for writing some incredible material over the past year, in spite of some trying moments in her life.

Mimic also delivered above and beyond, with several wonderful pieces, and I am in her debt for shaping the Case Analysis section.

I must thank Alexander for his incredible critical reviews for the Case Analysis section, once again his work has helped to point a way for future critical work.

I must thank Robert Shearman for his incredible generosity and availability at the beginning of the year. It was indeed an honor to promote his book.

A huge thank you must go out towards Libby, for helping to make the Robert Shearman interview happen, she truly was a kind of guardian angel at a needed period for the site.

Once again, I must personally thank Adam Vadnais for his continued support and counsel, his availability is appreciated.

I must personally thank Jana Fain for her support, friendship, and while she has moved on to other pastures, her personal availability has been appreciated.

A thank you must go out to Alison Groves from the Big Light Social Network, for her continued friendship, and support.

In spite of all of Gabe Rotter's incredible work as Director of Development of 1013 Productions, I must thank him for taking the time to interview, it was a real pleasure to support the promotion of his book, as well as an honor. I also appreciate his personal support in the second half of this year.

We made a new friend this year with Maurisa from The X-Files Universe, and I must thank her for her enthusiasm over something impending.

Joe McBrayer has remained a steady friend to the Lexicon, and has continued to deliver some great work as well as enthusiasm. Thank you.

Once again, thanks must go to a pair of people who has been helping with a very special and important project that is finally about the see the light of day. Mark Hayden has remained an incredible friend to the Lexicon, as well as helping to open a door to a person who could be of great importance in the future. Lastly, Kimon from Eat The Corn was one of the earliest people to become involved with the above project, and his support, as well as friendship remains in high regard.

I also must thank Dietrich Johnson for his continued cooperation.

I also must thank Raskolnikov,  from whom we showed great support while she was busy finishing up her own fan book, she has increasingly shown herself to be quite invaluable, and she's in my debt.

I must thank Chris Knowles, for his continued support, and friendship, as well as being a growing influence due to his incredible site, The Secret Sun.

Shivani Saran has been an incredible help at the Lexicon's Facebook group page, and I continue to look forward to her help in the future.

Philliater has really come through during a trying period, and it will not be forgotten anytime soon.

To Karen, Viridian, MullySculder, Polly, Invisigoth, Bellefleur, as well as Sarah, Erin, Terry, Tere, and Helene, thank you for your wonderful artwork that continues to grace the site.

I'd like to thank Nicky and Aliatope1013 for their continued assistance with the Lexicon Forum.

I must thank Red Scully, David Morris, and Robin England for their continued support.

Mike Marek from The X-Files Timeline, is another that I must thank for his great understanding, patience, and support, it was more than I expected.

I should also thank for the continued and patient cooperation of Dan from Popcorn Monster, Aly from Ask Dr. Scully, Ghostfreak from the X-Files Megan from XF Roadrunners, and Richard and his staff at CC2K. Everyone from the site 'This Is Who We Are', and Graham Smith.

Just about lastly: while they haven't been in the news as of late, I must thank Chris Carter, and Frank Spotnitz, for making all of this possible.

I'd like to thank everyone who has friended us at Twitter, or joined our Facebook group, the list is too long to mention here, but it's appreciated.

The Lexicon blog has faced a number of highlights over the past year, and I wish to thank those who visit, and support it.

I'd like to thank all of the new members who registered at the Lexicon Forum, many of whom have been longtime supporters and friends to the Lexicon and many are new friends. The fan success of the Lexicon and the Lexicon Forum is in no doubt because of you:

Eddie, Mika1304, gi, Explodey Jo, berdy, XF Victim, MacKay50, susem913, Lee, newton9527, Mulder8scully5, Edison50, ghostmojo, thesscib, zevera, arrombJoday, blarcsable, Detective Manners, Death, vacation lady, FoxMulder, Law77, xvade, eccentricrabbitt, Agent Skulder, Scullyismyhomegirl, Angelhorn26, maurisap, ozium, and MrDarb.

My apologies to anyone I may have forgotten. 2010 started out as a good year for the Lexicon, and we shall see how 2011 shapes up to be. Keep visiting The Lexicon and I wish you all a great New Year.

Matt Here: Once again this has been belated with updates, and my apologies for that.

We are proud to present the great article from Angie C, her report about the Vince Gilligan appearance at the Vancouver TV Forum.

We also have just uploaded Lyric's for the Songs in the Key of X review, in the Case Analysis section.

Our friend, and supporter of the Lexicon, Erica Fraga has just published her book, LAX-Files, just in time for the holidays. It has been a real labor love, and in the works for the past two years, so please order it, as it really looks promising!

You can order it here or here.

More material to come this month, thank you for visiting the Lexicon.