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February 2011 Archives

Matt here: Again, we have been belated with the updates, my apologies for that. With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and countless outlets, it becomes difficult to remember to post here.

A lot of been published, and there has been a lot of news. To catch up, we are proud to present two great interviews in short order. Our exclusive interview with Howard Gordon, writer, producer, and now author, concerning the publication of his first book; Gideon's War, where he chats about his process, and his appearance at the Paley Festival panel from 2008.

Erica Fraga has finally published her book: LAX-Files: Behind the Scenes with the Los Angeles Cast and Crew, and we have an exclusive interview with her, where she talks about the creation of the book.

It is astonishing what Erica has managed to accomplish, and the book has been a real pleasure to read. I also must thank her generosity in mentioning the Lexicon in her book, the more word get's out about the site, and the hard work that is done, the more it's appreciated.

While it's long overdue, we finally published our episode guide review for season one's The Erlenmeyer Flask, which means we've reached another small milestone, everything is completed for season one, with the exception of future additional updates of production information, as well as layout refinements.

It's been an interesting week. I was approached about three weeks ago by a staffer of a really wonderful X-Files podcast, to have the Lexicon profiled, and to conduct an interview about the Lexicon's history, some X-Files chat, and a bit of my personal history. The interview happened just the other day, and I will keep you posted when that develops.

As always, thank you for visiting the Lexicon, and keep checking in.