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The Syndicate

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A joint vision from key X-Files fansites has resulted in the launch of "The Syndicate," a networking page for all sites related to TenThirteen Productions. X-FilesLexicon, EatTheCorn and XFilesUniverse are the founding members of "The Syndicate" to help build, support and strengthen the fanbase of "The X-Files," "MillenniuM," and all TenThirteen-related projects. "The Syndicate" is a landing page that will allow anyone easy access to multiple websites.
This initiative is an interactive and proactive webring or platform targeting to create more cohesion among all efforts, on-line and off-line, that honor the work produced by TenThirteen Productions.
As explained by webmaster Matt Allair of X-FilesLexicon: "To the fans, I view 'The Syndicate' as one-stop shopping. If fans like what they see, bookmark it, keep visiting the Syndicate, and write to the webmasters of your favorite sites and encourage them to register... The fans will determine its success."
"It's been nearly 18 years," further elaborates Kimon of EatTheCorn, "that The X-Files started broadcast and in that time fandom has grown, fragmented, and grown again many times over. It is time to think long-term and federate fandom presence in a spirit of cooperation. The Syndicate plans to accompany this next evolution."
 "The thing I find most exciting about 'The Syndicate,'"  says Maurisa of XFilesUniverse, "is the opportunity for all of our sites to work together to promote TenThirteen Productions. There are so many sites, and we all have our own strengths and our own promotions. But with 'The Syndicate,' our sites can endorse each other and raise awareness across the fanbase. After all, we all want to see growth in the fandom."
Membership in "The Syndicate" provides promotion for each website, complete with RSS feeds and links for each member site. In addition, special events for each site will be featured prominently. A forum for Syndicate members is provided to help member sites' staff better communicate with each other and enable greater capability to work together to promote TenThirteen Productions projects, such as a third X-Files feature film or a new Frank Black movie.
Read our full Mission Statement that explains our vision and purpose!
Visit our Membership page to add your site to The Syndicate!
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