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LAX-Files event report, and news...

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Matt here:  My apologies for the delays. We have a number of issues to bring up. The Lexicon is proud to present our exclusive report on the LAX-Files book signing event. Video of the event is forth coming to coincide with the launch of our new feature, Lexicon TV.

Beginning in July, LAX-Files has organized a series of American Cancer Society Auctions, with various items to be placed on E-Bay. Autographed items include contributions from the cast and crew of The X-Files, Breaking Bad, Castle, The Walking Dead, Army Wives, Mad Men, and Bob Goodwin's Alien Trespass, details can be found here.

The fine folks from Serenity of X asked us to mention their June 2011 FRR & DSR Awareness Month, which for anyone unfamiliar, are shipper discussions about Dogget/Scully & Follmer/Reyes pairings. Sounds fun, and you can find out about it here.

Having met the real Brad Follmer, it's interesting to think fans have an interest in pairing up his fictional character.

Thank you for visiting the Lexicon, a lot more to come shortly.