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Exclusive Interview with Mark Snow, CD review!

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Matt here: We are very proud and pleased to be able to present our exclusive interview with composer Mark Snow. It's another historical step for us, and the timing was great considering the release of the X-Files: Volume 1 box set. Writer Matt Hurwitz must be credited for helping to set it up.

Fittingly, Alexander Grodzinski's in-depth analysis of the X-Files: Volume 1 box set can be found in our Case Analysis reviews page.

We have a lot more developments, and exclusives coming up! Thank you for visiting the Lexicon!

The Launch of XF Lexicon TV!

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Matt here: We proud to present our new feature, 'Lexicon TV', and to launch it, here is our video report about the LAX-Files book signing event, May 7th, 2011, with video interviews with Erica Fraga, Matt Hurwitz, Jana Fain...and Glen Morgan, Jeff Gulka (Gibson Praise), Darin Morgan, and Mitch Pileggi, all whom were interviewed by our anchor Chelsea.

LAX-Files event, May 2011

We had numerous challenges with the audio of the event, which should explain the delays with getting this ready. Special Thanks to Mark Solario for his incredible work, and Jeremiah Moore.

Our first news segment is up as well, brought to you by Chelsea.

May 2011 News report

The infrastructure hasn't been set up yet, but all of these videos will be featured in its own section in the near future, which is a part of a new re-design with some new features. I hope people will keep checking out this material, and thank you for visiting the Lexicon.