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2012 New Years Eve appreciation roll call

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Last year, we were incredibly remiss in posting our traditional New Years Eve thank you's and we didn't want to miss it again.

We had another round of challenges this year, and my personal time on the site was strained with limited time, but we also had some new faces, and new supporters that have been of great help.

Starting with XScribe and Jill who have remained consistent and steady with their support and assistance, it hasn't been easy at times. Out thanks extends to all of the other great people, as follows...

Several of the key new faces must be acknowledged. Frank Zero and Trevor Tocco, both of whom submitted several great reviews to the site, in the case of Frank Zero, he has agreed to come on board as a co-manager for the Lexicon! It's a gradual process, but you can expect to see him on a regular basis as 2013 progresses.

Every year, there are always several sites who always surface where it's members become great friends and supporters, where I've been involved with them for a long spell, members of Christopher Knowles Secret Sun Blog have paid attention, or gotten involved with the site or the blog. Special thanks must go to Raj Sisodia, Liz Durkin and Sean Gatchell for their help and attention.

We still have friends at the TIWWA / Millennium fan site who have been of great help. I must thank Erin McRaven for going above and beyond the call and delivering a great episode guide review for the site, in spite of some overwhelming personal challenges she has handled with grace under pressure.

Special thanks must go to our old ally David Morris for contributing some great work, I am all too aware that many fans drift away, and life pulls them in different directions - it's to be expected - so I do appreciate that after six years David is still involved.

Last year, we were remiss in acknowledging the great support from the team of The X-Files Truth podcast, Agent Shadow, Agent Chelsea, and Agent Summer in allowing me to participate with their podcast interview of William B. Davis, it was great prep for our own interview.

Sarah Blinco had been tirelessly working behind the scenes to promote the Lexicon and get more writers to pay attention to the site. The Italian team behind The X-Files Bluebook on-line magazine were great with working with Sarah and delivering a great write about the site and its history.

I must thank Explodey from the Explodeyfiles podcast for inviting me to be involved, it just hasn't happened yet.

I must personally thank Jana Fain for her support and friendship.

A thank you must go towards Alison Groves from the Big Light Social Network for her continued friendship and support.

Again, in spite of Gabe Rotter's incredible work as Director of Development at Ten-Thirteen Productions, I also continue to appreciate his support through the years.

We continue to have a great friend with Maurisa from The X-Files Universe, and I must thank her for her enthusiasm for The Syndicate.

Joe McBrayer has remained a steady friend for the Lexicon, and has continued to deliver some great work as well as enthusiasm, thank you.

Once again, thanks must go to a pair of people who have been helpful to the site's history, Mark Hayden, who remains sorely missed, and Kimon from Eat The Corn, for his support and friendship.

I also must thank Raskolnikov for her continued support.

Lastly I must thank Chris Knowles, for his continued support and friendship and a continued influence due to his incredible work at The Secret Sun blog.

There remains a list of many others presently, and in the past, involved with the site that I thank, to all of the people who have joined the Lexicon forum, or our Facebook group page, or Twitter feed, Thank you. All of your have helped the site to grow and it's appreciated.

My apologies for the brevity of this list, the past two years have been personally trying and it has been a challenge to not fall short of people's expectations and patience, but we are still here.

Thank you!

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