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A Year In Review...

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Once again, we ended up being lax about this update page, but 2014 promises to be a more active year. There were a number articles posted and several significant developments in the news, especially regarding Chris Carter coming back to television in 2013.

Recently we held a trivia contest where the prize was a copy of Mark Snow's The X-Files: Volume 2 CD box set, graciously provided by Mike Joffe from the label, La La Land Records, It was a great contest, and I must thank everyone who submitted. Daniel Cuello was the winner. As a reminder Volume 2 still is available for sale.

Alexander Grodzinski wrote up a great review of the Volume 2 set, and he also conducted a brief interview with Mark Snow about the CD.

A new article for the Paranormal Omnibus, in the UFO section was published about the Brown Mountain Light phenomenon. And season two episode guide reviews were published for Sleepless, Ascension, reviewed by Frank Zero and David Morris, and fan art was added for End Game.

We started the year by the debut of our belated exclusive interview with uber fan Sarah Stegall.

More details came out of two programs that Chris Carter has in development. Most importantly is further developments about "The After", the pilot was filmed, it has completed post and should debut in February 2014 on Amazon Prime online, there's no further news if a full season will be order for this unique venture on-line. Mr. Carter also mentioned having a super-secret project for AMC in development.

In July 2013, at Comic Con in San Diego, a panel of talent from The X-Files made a special appearance, Chris Carter, David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, John Shiban, Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan, and James Wong, and David Duchovny. The site Franklin Ave was one of the sources that managed to provide the most in depth coverage about the panel.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson made a special appearance at a Paley Center event in New York, In October. Several videos of the duo panel have circulated, here's one, use the following password to view: XF2013

This year a great deal of attention was given by fans to the new X-Files comic book series by IDW, helmed by Joe Harris and executive produced by Chris Carter. The site Eat The Corn has extensively covered each issue to date.

Joe Harris had also appeared at Comic Con in San Diego, but at a different venue from the X-Files panel. The next wave of comics looks to be promising.

As more developments come in with this busy year, we will report about them. Thank you for visiting the Lexicon.