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Joe Harris Book Signing Event

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Would you like to meet Joe Harris at a book signing event in the New England area?

The good fellow, Ernie, from Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham, MA, contacted us that Joe Harris, the esteemed writer of The X-Files, Season 10 comics from IDW publishing will be appearing March 14th, from 12 PM noon until 3 PM.

The event is noted on their website:

And you can visit their Facebook page here:

Their address is:
Friendly Neighborhood Comics
191 Mechanic Street
Bellingham, MA 02019

It should be a fun event, and a great way to meet Joe!

Coming Clean...

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The last few years have been a challenge for The X-Files Lexicon, I will freely admit to it, some of the it has been a drop off in interest with the collective fandom, and some have had to do with real life issues that have forced myself, as the webmaster, to only devote a certain amount of focus. Articles have been written in fairness on the main site, but a lot of time was focused on The X-Files Lexicon Blog, and while that had been a good period as far as satisfying certain intellectual needs, while we were trying to re-staff for the main site, I also knew that the promise wasn't really being fulfilled as far as providing an on-going stream of the best content we could muster.

But everything goes in cycles. The advent of IDW's The X-Files Season 10 comic by Joe Harris, had drawn old school fans back, as well as new fans. Prior to the big news of Fox in talks to do a X-Files revival in the future, there had been a Redditt fan interview with Frank Spotnitz, as well as Gillian Anderson's comments on Nerdist that lead to their X-Files2015 hashtag. The stars have felt like they are aligning, while the news about Chris Carter's The After not being continued by Amazon Studios, I have felt that the sheer fact that enough fans voted last year to green light the project, while it's heresay, might have sent a signal to certain powers that the public wanted more.

Which now brings us to this week - Our exclusive Interview with Vince Gilligan was something we were quite proud of, but since Den of Geek has picked up certain aspects of the interview, the firestorm of interest in various media outlets is something that leaves me humble, and something I don't take for granted. The commitment to get back to the work has never been greater.

Having said that I feel I must mention the first wave of great content. Our episode guide review of "The Host" is up, which features comments from highly respected media genre critic John Kenneth Muir. John has become a great friend to this website, and due to his stature, it is an honor to have him contributing here. But there's also Christopher Irish who has been writing for the Lexicon blog as of late, he was great help with the episode guide review.

Last year featured our great interview with the Architect himself Chris Carter, about The After.

In April we ran an in depth history of UFO sightings for the Paranormal Omnibus.

Recently we ran our review of the reissue by la La Land records of the Fight The Future soundtrack.

Last September was our review of the 2nd X-Files Mark Snow CD box set, which featured a brief interview with Mark Snow. We also had a trivia contest thanks to La La Land records where a Vol 2 CD was given away.

Thank you everyone for continuing to visit us.