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Waves of information from NY Comic Con

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There has been a lot of on going developments due to the premiere in France at MIPCOM, and now this weekend's set of panels and the episode one premiere at New York Comic Co. Den of Geek will be doing their own coverage, and while anyone from The X-Files Lexicon could not be present, a staffer was involved with working on an X-Files article that appeared in the exclusive print edition of Den of Geek, the write up already leaked as of 10/09.2015, and can be found here.

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Onto more pressing matters, a lot of things developed at the NY Comic Con, there was a huge panel with Kumail Nanjiani, Chris Carter, David Duchcovny, and Mitch Pileggi, videos are shown below, thanks to the fine folks at FOX publicity.

The Mythology

The Right time

Mulder and Scullly's Relationship

Falling Right Back Into Place


There's also the two minute trailer that recently went on-line

Very few spoilers have surfaced thankfully since NY Comic Con and MIPCOM. Which is the position of this website that that is the way it should be. A good time should be had by many in Jan, and good to have been a dedicated fan.

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