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New Years appreciation roll call, 2015

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To put it mildly, this has been an incredible year for everyone that has remained a dedicated fan of The X-Files. 2015 was full of personal milestones for myself, and I suspect for many others out there.

The last five years has been a strange period for the XFL site, and we've managed to endure still. I offer my thanks to a number of people, lest we forget:

Of course, and I am certain all fans feel this way, I must thank the architect Chris Carter and the studio executives at 21th  Century Fox television for bringing The X-Files back. I must thank Glen Morgan, James Wong, Darin Morgan, actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, Annabeth Gish, William B. Davis, Bruce Harwood,  Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, Sheila Larken, Jeff Gulka, and such new talents as Joel McHale, Robbie Arnell, and Kumail Nanjiani. This doesn't even  include seeing such technical mainstays as Mark Snow, Joel Ransom, Rick Millikan, and Thierry J. Couturier.  As well as new Producers Garfield Whitman, and Grace Gilroy, The fans owe you a debt of gratitude.

A very special thank you must go out to Gabe Rotter for years of support, and boundless patience.

I must thank Vince Gilligan and Jenn Carroll for opening up some doors I didn't expect by his generous interview. Personally, I am looking forward to the new season of Better Call Saul.

A profound thank you must go towards Chris Longo and Mike Cecchini of Den of Geek, for the faith and the opportunities over the past year. It's not something I take for granted.

I must thank also thank a key new writer and figure to the XF Lexicon site. Chris Irish, whose enthusiastic reviews of The X-Files comic from IDW have been a pleasure to work with on the XFL Blog. Not only did Chris step up and was an enormous help, he also stepped up and started to help on the main site, and he has done so with a great attitude. Even in the midst of Chris and his wife facing some of the biggest challenges one could imagine, he has always maintained the greatest friendliness, it's not something I forget.

Two other key figures I must thank are John Kenneth Muir, and Sarah Stegall, both have remained an inspiration, and their willingness to help and their professionalism is something I don't take for granted. Their presence on The X-Files Lexicon site is a huge asset.

Next I must thank Thierry J. Couturier for his kindness and friendship, and tolerating a number of delays before our interview happened, and then to have to wait when the announcement of the new episodes happened, and the insanity that followed. He was gracious while there were delays in getting his interview ready.

I must offer my profound appreciation to the publicity people at FOX television, Kim Kurland, Erin, Moody, and Kylie Poluznik for the patience and effort in getting us taken care of.

I must also offer profound thanks to Robin Benty of FOX on-line for some much needed exposure, her friendliness and connection to Jana Fain, really made me feel welcomed.

The folks at IDW publishing have been very kind, and I must thank Joe Harris for his generous time, and for having some very kind things to say about the site. I must really thank Rosalind Morehead for all of her efforts to get us resources, and helping to get the Harris interview for Den of Geek to happen.

I must thank Jerry Hardin and his publicist Mitchell Stubbs for a very memorable and thrilling experience.

I must Bob Goodwin and Sheila Larken for their cooperation with the Den of Geek article, and for Bob's continued support and friendship, which is something I don't take lightly.

I must thank Mike Joffe and the rest of the team at La La Land Records, for his cooperation with The X-Files Lexicon, and Den of Geek. The efforts of this record label are always outstanding indeed.

I must thank a number of fan sites and their people for cooperating with Den of Geek. Thank you to Tiffany Devol and Avi Quijada from X-Files News. Kimon (Orodromeus) from Eat The Corn, Kimon has remained a great friend of the site for close to a decade. I must thank Maurisa Dillard Pruett from X-Files Universe for her cooperation and years of support. I must thank Mike Marek from The X-Files Timeline, whom I've known for a decade now, thank you. I must also thank Erica Fraga from the LAX-Files website and book, and Amy Donaldson from the We Want To Believe book and website. The folks at Idealist Haven, both the regular visitors and moderators were a huge help with the article, I owe them a debt.

I must thank Howard Gordon for being such a great help, in spite of his busy schedule, over the past year, for cooperating with the Den of Geek pieces, and being patient with my inquiries

William B. Davis continues to be very kind to us and I appreciate it.

I must thank Frank Spotnitz for his assistance, and Alison Groves and Katherine Pongrcz from Big Light Productions.

XScribe has moved on to other pastures, but as an editor, she was with the site for decade, and was the sites anchor for that long, she will be missed. But in spite of some incredible challenges she has faced, she continued to provide great support, her endurance was something to marvel at.

We have several new faces I must thank, my new editors A.M.D. and Liz Tray whom have already shown great patience. Brian A. Terrenova has already shown himself to be a great value as a writer. I must also thank Demijan Omeragic for his work. Lastly, I must thank Katie Moeller from the K-Files podcast for her positive energy and contributions.

I must thank Juliane Kempe for all of her great work publishing content on the main site. I know her patience might have been tried at times as we transition to the next level, but in a age where the trend is to post on blogs, I still feel fans value visiting an HTML site. She is the best!

I also must thank our new friend J.J. Lindl for his incredible work with The X-Files Poster Project, and future work with The X-Files Lexicon will be a great pleasure, his generous spirit and candor is appreciated.

I must thank the team at the Millennium site - This is Who We Are, as well as the folks at The X-Files Truth Podcast

One X-Files fan that has passed on that I must thank is Rebecca Carpenter, she supported the XFL site for years, and was gracious enough to help cooperate with Den of Geek, she will be missed, and we have done our best to honor her legacy.

I must thank David Raymond Davis for his continued support. as well as Kristin Fredrickson, and Flint Truman. There are others from the social circles of Secret Sun that have drifted into other areas, but Christopher Knowles remains a person who has impacted many. Thank you all.

Lastly, I must thank the fans who follow The X-Files Lexicon site, it's appreciated, and for the years that the fans have remained dedicated to this series, through thick and thin. It has been quite a ride over the past decade and much more is to come. Thank you to everyone who follows us at Facebook and Twitter

Let's hope 2016 is even better. I suspect we are in for a treat.

Updated FOX promos and articles...

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There has been a lot of activity for a spell. XFL several months ago ran a great article on the history of the "I Want To Believe" poster.

There has also been a round of new promo art, and a new 'First Look' trailer for Jan.

An XFL staffer attended a screening in late October of the first episode, right around the time this new poster circulated.

ISWTB_XF_Promo 2015.jpgThere was also another wave of promo art that followed:

More news on the way!