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Now days away, more Fox promos and articles

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A few new articles went up, after a delay XFL's report of the October screening, by Katie Moeller has been posted. The X-Files Lexicon webmaster also wrote another article for Den of Geek about what fans expect.

Fox has been circulating another group of promos, and some interesting on-line campaigns.

"Calling all X-Philes... 13 Years after the original series run, the truth is still out there... Log onto..."

"And watch the first minute of the all-new event series, "The X-Files" to learn what Mulder Believes above the government's involvement with "The X-Files".

"Share what you believe, using #TheXFiles, and find out what everyone else is saying. Also don't forget to download a photo of yourself with #TheXFiles... And get back proof of your solidarity with Mulder...Which you can share with all of your social networks."

There is also a new trailer that debuted:

We are now days away, more to come at XFL.


Our exclusive report about the Premiere, and the Red Carpet interview is up.

We also got news of an event for Friday, Jan 22.

An OUT OF THIS WORLD experience at The Grove, The X-Files team has created a giant UFO that has crashed into the middle of The Grove for the ultimate fan experience and photo opp, #TheXFiles

In addition to the UFO sighting, fans will be able to watch the new premiere episode (+ a second all-new episode!) at the Grove movie theater starting at 7:00 PM (first come, first served).

The Grove, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Stay tuned!