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This years updates and articles

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We apologize for this page not being updated this year, but with the on-going trends with Twitter and Facebook postings, it's become difficult to remember to post such updates. We will do better. Our exclusives began with covering the Red Carpet premiere of The X-Files Event Series, season 10 Pilot, "My Struggle". Followed by our exclusive interview with Garfield Whitman in his role as a Co-Producer of the new episodes. Followed by the backdated exclusive two part interview with John Kenneth Muir about his X-Files FAQ book, as well as a review of his book on the Blog, this was followed by our Exclusive Interview with James Wong where we talked about his episode "Founder's Mutation", and this was followed by the announcement of our arrangement with J.J. Lindl of The X-Files Poster Project, to feature his work on each of the episode guide pages. Then the backdated article from Sarah Stegall about The X-Files production shoot, which was another major development to secure her talent. Our staffer Brian wrote a great piece of speculation about Samantha, and this was followed by our exclusive interview with Darin Morgan where he talked about "Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-Monster". Character Descriptions about Duane Barry were incorporated into the site. We held our Trivia contest giveaway for The X-Files Event Series Blu Ray in June, and wrote up our review of the extras content on the Blog. The episode guide review for Duane Barry went up. Fan art was added to the Mulder and Scully character profile, as well as Deep Throat. The episode guide reviews for "Irresistible" and "One Breath" went up, by Alyssa Waugh, and Tony Black. Just recently our exclusive interview with Frank Spotnitz went live.

Countless articles for Den of Geek, by our XFL staffer went live as well. The case study about social streaming, The article about Millennium fandom, as well as an article about the history of UFOs circa 1947-1952 and The X-Files. As well as two tie-in articles about Frank Spotnitz's Medici: Masters of Florence, and developments about his role in The Man In the High Castle.

More articles and interviews are impending in 2017, keep visiting!