The X-Files Lexicon

Statement of Purpose

All things have a beginning; hopefully you'll pardon the unintentional reference to two episodes. This fan site is very much in its infancy, it is my hope that people will be interested in coming back as it develops and grows. Let me begin with how I came up with starting The X-Files Lexicon, what my intentions are, and what I hope it grows to be.

I first became aware of the show in late '93, yet I really didn't follow the show, The X-Files, until its second season. There was a time where there was a proliferation of X-Files fan web sites, yet over the last few years, the numbers of web sites that focus on the show has gone into an understandable decline since the show has finished it's ninth season in 2002, even the official X-Files web site has closed down. For a number of years I had always assumed that there were fan web sites that already existed; that focused on every detail of the show, and that presented its content with an organized system where people would be able to cross reference to every aspect of the show and so on.

Therefore I never really considered creating a resource web site such as this, so I was surprised to realize that this wasn't necessarily the case, yet the idea had been mulling over in my mind for some time. I have a background with the film and television industry, thus, my perspective comes from that background as far as how I look at the technical and writing aspects of the show. I hope, in time, that many other's, from various backgrounds and perspectives, will contribute to The X-Files Lexicon. Therefore let my offer what I envision for The X-Files Lexicon, a kind of mission statement.

  1. The X-Files Lexicon will become a resource for fans to research every aspect of the show. In time, once enough material is posted, I plan to have everything linked and crossed reference with everything else. The Episode Guides, the Timelines, the Character Dossiers, as well as a section devoted to exploring documented paranormal incidents and urban legends in relation to how such phenomenon were treated during the series run. Eventually, I plan to include a forum message board, once the bulk of the material has been compiled, as well as a section of Interviews. Additionally, aspects of the show will be explored in various essays that will focus on any number of subjects. I would even like to go as far as to include synopses and critiques of the X-Files novelization's and the interactive games.
  2. My other hope and goal is to rebuild a community of old and more recent fans of the show; now that it has been running in syndication for so many years, and considering that The X-Files still has a major following here in America, and a significant following internationally, I feel it's important to maintain such a community of like minded people, to explore this show from many unique perspectives.
  3. The other thing that will make The X-Files Lexicon different and distinct from what has been done before, is an approach to the material that is critical and fair minded. Now that the show has been off the air for a couple of years, this leaves us with the advantage of perspective and hindsight. Now, since faithful X-Philes do not have to be preoccupied with every new episode and absorbing every new story arch, the show can be examined with a new set of eyes. The intent of The X-Files Lexicon is to do just that.

Therefore, I hope that others will be willing to contribute and offer insight and details that might be over looked. While I intend to be as thorough as possible, I already know that I am bound to overlook certain details, I plan to focus the first two season's for the time being, therefore I ask you to be patient with updates. They will come, but please understand that this project is a daunting task and I have only so much time to devote to every section.

I can't do this alone and so let me put it out there that if other like minded fans would like to contact me to contribute, they are more than welcome to do so. I plan to ask for certain standards as far as the quality of the writing as well as the editing. I would like to hear from any artists who have fan art, all artwork submitted will be considered and the material that is posted will have the artist credited.

This page will continue to be updated as more information and material is posted, I'd like to thank a couple of people. First, for her endless support, Christina, I'd like to thank Steve from the Harry Potter Lexicon, who has been very helpful. I'd like to thank my computer technician and resident genius, Dan. We have quite an adventure in store for you as The X-Files Lexicon goes through its progression, as well as a few growing pains.