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The Lexicon would like to welcome our new contributor, Joseph McBrayer, who will be writing articles for the Paranormal Omnibus, he has written an interesting piece about Wild Men. There's more material coming, as always, thank you for visiting the Lexicon.


Matt Here: We have several new developments. Most importantly, we have an exclusive interview with Matt Hurwitz, co-writer of "The Complete X-Files", a new, and comprehensive book about the history of the Fox television series. I have also established a thread on the Lexicon Forum for people to ask questions to Mr. Hurwitz about to which he's gladly willing to answer in the future. I have been delayed in mentioning this, but Plattie's episode guide review for Excelsis Dei is up, as well as some new fan art from Invisigoth regarding the episode. There is also some new fan art created by Invisigoth for The Erlenmeyer Flask and some new fan art created by Bellefleur for Colony, in both cases, the content of these pages hasn't been created, but I wanted to highlight both of their fine work. We have much more coming soon.

Thank you for visiting the Lexicon.


A long time X-Files fan, Angie C, wrote about her experiences with finding and visiting The X-Files location shooting in Pemberton, Canada. We have more material on the way soon.

We are starting the process of breaking down the archive pages by year, which you'll find at the bottom of the archive page. It's hard to believe it's been four years already since the first wave of updates went up.

Thank you and keep visiting the Lexicon.


Where we have been...

Matt Here: My apologies, that on appearances, there seems to have been very little activity prior to and since the release of the X-Files Feature: "I Want To Believe", yet there was a surprising and exciting development that came our way this past June. Many months were spent assisting the content producers for the DVD of the X-Files Feature. There's two staffers who's help was invaluable during this development and their role will be revealed soon enough. Our role was confirmed through Frank Spotnitz's blog last August, as he commented below.

I'd like to take special note of three people who have helped out in ways that benefit all "X-Files" fans. Matt Allair, who runs, gave generously of his time to work on special features for the forthcoming DVD release. In addition to being at fan events and an amazing online supporter (at and elsewhere), Lisa Angelo selflessly gave her time and expertise to "The Complete X-Files" publishing project again and again. And, last but never least, a huge thank-you to Alison Groves, whom I one day hope to meet so I can thank her in person for her kindness and grace in moderating the Big Light social network, which she has singlehandedly turned into a runaway success.

Frank's August Blog

I can't really comment about the specifics of the work for legal reasons, but I think fans will be quite surprised and pleased by what they see. At least I hope so. An additional benefit of this, had to do with myself getting an invite to the Los Angeles premiere of the X-Files feature. Where I was able to sit with one of my occasional staffers, as well as met several fellow fans, all lovely people in many respects. The premiere was at Mann's Graumann Chinese Theatre on July 23rd, as indicated below.

Premiere Invitation

The cast and crew sat in the center seats, and guests sat in the isle seats. Before the film began, Chris Carter walked down our isle and greeted guests, I was even able to stand up, shake his hand and introduce myself, his reply was, "I hope you enjoy the film." Prior to the film starting, he stood at the stage, spotlighted, and explained that when he was a child, he first saw Disney's "Fantasia" at Graumann, and that it was a life long thrill to debut his film at this theatre. After the showing of the film I was able to introduce and speak Frank Spotnitz himself, which was another thrill.

A special thank you must go out to Jana Fain for the great opportunities she has brought to us over the last five months. We have a back log of new material, and projects we'll be running soon.

Thanks for visiting the Lexicon


Matt Here: There's a small amount of some significant developments with The X-Files movie. The most recent news is the official release of the title of the feature: "The X-Files: I Want To Believe". From an interview by David Germain, AP movie writer of Yahoo News, this is what Chris Carter had to say: "It's a natural title," Carter said in a telephone interview Tuesday during a break from editing the film. "It's a story that involves the difficulties in mediating faith and science. `I Want to Believe.' It really does suggest Mulder's struggle with his faith." In Germain's article, which explains further that the filmmakers keep the script tightly under wraps to prevent plot spoilers from leaking on the internet, Chris Carter commented: "We went to almost comical lengths to keep the story a secret," Carter said. "That included allowing only the key crew members to read the script, and they had to read it in a room that had video cameras trained on them. It was a new experience."

The title has already stirred up quite a reaction from many of the movie related, non-X-Files sites. While the public should take this at face value that the title is official. One could recall what happened to the title of George Lucas' Third Star Wars film in 1982. It was titled "Revenge of the Jedi" and changed to "Return of the Jedi" prior to its release. While this might seem like a moot observation, Chris, Frank and the 1013 Production team have been known to misdirect the public in the past, and depend on creative red-herrings. Here's my personal speculation, if there's a title change over the next couple of months, "The X-Files: Belief".

Other minor news was the confirmation by John S. Bartley as revealed from our interview, that he did some 2nd unit photographic work on the film in Vancouver. As well as the explanation from Frank Spotnitz, from the Paley interview, that this film cannot be compared to any episode from the series.

Of course, there was the recent release of the first X-Files teaser poster, as shown here:

XF2 poster

Image: Twentith-Century Fox / 1013 Productions

We'll have a few more confirmed pieces of News we'll circulate soon, please keep visiting the Lexicon.


Matt Here: I received an interesting, and nice, notice from the Fox Publicity department from New York about the next convention. So I am dutifully forwarding it to you all.

WHO: Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz / X-Files series and upcoming movie UNTITLED X-FILES MOTION PICTURE.

WHERE: Javits Center (655 West 34th Str & 11th Ave)

WHEN: Friday April 18

AUTOGRAPH SIGNING: 5:00PM - 6:00PM (Autograph Hall on Main Exhibit Floor)

PANEL: 7:30PM - 8:00PM ( theater)


Supernatural thriller
Release: July 25
Director: Chris Carter
Screenplay by: Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz, based on "The X-Files" created by Chris Carter
Producers: Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz
Cast: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Xzibit, Amanda Peet and Billy Connolly
In grand "X-Files" manner, the as yet untitled film's storyline is being kept under wraps. This much can be revealed: It is a stand-alone story in the tradition of some of the show's most acclaimed and beloved episodes, and takes the complicated relationship between Fox Mulder (Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Anderson) in unexpected directions. Mulder continues his unshakable quest for the truth, and Scully, the passionate, ferociously intelligent physician, remains inextricably tied to Mulder's pursuits.

On a related note, I hope everyone who is attending at the NY Comic Con has a wonderful time! Please send photos and your reports and I'll gladly post them!


Matt here: Here's our next two exclusives!

This has been prepared for weeks now, but various situations have pulled me away from making our debut. We are so proud to present the Lexicon's Exclusive Interview with John S. Bartley.

Lisa has managed to out do herself as our recent news staff reporter. Here's her exclusive set of interviews with Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, as well as her all too brief interviews with Mitch Pileggi and Nic Lea during the March 26 event at the Paley festival.

The response to the both of these has been incredible, especially the Paley Center Festival Interviews. I thank you all. Reminder, please keep visiting the Lexicon's Forum. You will find some new set of threads to discuss the WonderCon and Paley Center Festival events.


Matt Here: Again I've been fairly lax again. We have a ton of developments and I am going to share them with you here first.

1st, our exclusive interview with Director of Photography / Cinema photographer John S. Bartley is right around the corner.

2nd, Our new reporter Lisa Angelo, will be attending the Paley Festival and I can safely say, other than some logistics that have to be ironed out, that we have secured our second exclusive interviews with Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz Lisa will be conducting them, although the interviews will be every brief.


Matt here: The Wonder Con panel announcement caused havoc for some developments within the Lexicon; of course, it's the kind of positive havoc one would prefer. It was an incredible experience to attend the panel event. I meet some wonderful people at the Convention. The dinner with members of the Idealist Haven forum was a real pleasure for me. Here is the Lexicon's exclusive report. Another major surprise coming shortly.

02/09/08 (Backdated)

Matt here: The Lexicon is pleased to present our Exclusive Interview with Howard Gordon. Invisigoth created some great fan art for the episodes Fallen Angel and Roland, Please take a look. We have a number of other exclusives coming soon.


Matt here: The Lexicon is pleased to present our Q&A with Chris Carter. We had a tremendous response from fans with questions. We appreciate it. The Character Dossiers have been again updated, including character descriptions from the episode Tooms. We have a number of other exclusives coming soon.


Hey everyone! Erin here, a newbie of sorts here at The X-Files Lexicon. I was recruited by Matt to work primarily in an HTML website maintaining capacity while he's off working on some really awesome secret projects that I'm sure he will reveal to you all soon (so stay tuned!)

There are a few things that have been updated since the New Year. The episode review for Miracle Man is up, so check that out. Some fan art by Polly was added to the review for Young At Heart, so you should check that out too.

Additionally, there is now an official X-Files Lexicon Facebook Group! It can be found by clicking here. If you're on Facebook, go join it!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good new year, and again, stay tuned for some cool stuff coming up!

2008 / 2007 / 2006 / 2005


Well, another year gone. This year to turned out to be full of some unexpected developments, which forced the Lexicon to face some new challenges, yet we got through them yet again. We had to move the site to a new domain server, after ownership changes caused our previous domain host to be less effective.

The last two months have been very gratifying as far as the support of some new faces and well as the ongoing support of long standing supporters.

I'm not certain what to say about XScribe that wasn't already said last year. Again, she's acted as a great adviser, cheerleader for the site as well as a person who has provided some much needed clarity with everything that has to be dealt with.

Becky M. came along at a crucial juncture for the Lexicon and offered up some invaluable advise and support. I am in her debt for pointing out some needed changes.

Erin is a new and valuable member to the Lexicon staff, but she has already shown some great enthusiasm for taking the site further. I thank you.

There isn't much more I can say about Robin and David that hasn't been said before. Both have remained steadfast as episode guide contributors and supporters of the site. Words can't express my debt of gratitude over their on- going support. I also have to thank Bellefleur for her continued help with her writing and wonderful fan art.

Once again, I'd like to thank Red Scully and NkY for their continued support. They have had to be quite patient over the past year.

To Karen, Viridian, Philiater, Bellefleur, MullySculder, Polly, Invisigoth, as well as Sarah, Erin, Terry, Tere, and Helene, thank you for your wonderful artwork that continues to grace the site.

Orodromeus has become an even better friend to the Lexicon, I deeply appreciate his enthusiasm, energy, and support.

I'd like to offer congratulations to another recent friend to the Lexicon, Damien, webmaster of The X-Files Ultimate. Another new site that is quite impressive and another positive example as to why fan interest in the X-Files will never fade.

The continued and patient cooperation of Mike Marek of the X-Files Timeline, Aly from Ask Dr. Scully, Ghostfreak from the X-Files Megan from XF Roadrunners, and Richard and his staff from CC2K.

A special thank you must go to Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz for making the second X-Files feature a reality. Without Mr. Carter none of this would be possible.

I'd like to thank all of the new members who registered at the Lexicon Forum, many of whom have been longtime supporters and friends to the Lexicon and many are new friends. The fan success of the Lexicon and the Lexicon Forum is in no doubt because of you:

Donkeyjote, scully42, denvil, bellis, fashoemaker, Sizzler Sister, Erin, Lariat Rentals, vanitatus, mikethewhite, tarusbull234, Marisa, Deep Throat, Sasha, Scully Wully 42, ApaceJumpOnIt, Miss. Selfdestruct, 2distracted, fable, sandeeshimpi, gunmetal.

To everyone who just participated in the questionnaire to the 1013, I want to express my deepest appreciation. It has been a tremendous turnout.

Lastly, if there's anyone else I overlooked, my heartfelt thank you. 2008 is bound to be a great year for the Lexicon, I look forward to seeing all of you on that journey.


After the mad rush of posting, networking and circulating the news about one of the major developments with the Lexicon, I want to thank everyone who has been supportive and cooperated thus far. In case there are any regular visitors to the Lexicon who have not seen this development, let me review.

I have nearly negotiated a proposal with Chris Carter's assistant, Gabe, to have fans and webmasters ask questions to a staffer of 1013, with Chris's permission, about the 2nd X-Files Movie or Chris Carter might answer questions!

At the very least, he's willing to look over questions. Right now, as of this writing, it could go either way--there's no guarantee. Frustrating, but it might depend on the questions submitted, and his availability.

This would be the fan's first opportunity to directly confirm or deny certain reports and rumors about the feature. This is how it will work: Whoever submits a question that is selected, that person's name and location will be included. In the case of webmasters or the representatives of key XF sites, the URL of the site will be included.

The deadline for submissions will have to be Dec 28. If a high enough ratio of questions are received before that date the deadline might change to an earlier date.

Please either contact myself or the Lexicon's Editor-in-chief, XScribe with your questions.

I will also have a thread created at the Lexicon Forum where fans can post questions. This will be in the General Discussions thread area. If you have never registered with the Lexicon Forum, please do so, all are welcome.

The X-Files Lexicon Forum

We will be fielding questions from now until the deadline...

In closing, here are some suggestions over the type of questions that will be considered. This is an incredible opportunity to confirm such things as castings, the budget, as well as crew and locations. It is highly doubtful, knowing Chris Carter's secrecy about the story, that any plot / spoiler questions about the film would be answered. Therefore, for this round I probably won't select plot spoiler questions, with the exception of confirming that the film is set years after the 2002 finale.

All questions are welcome. The ball is in your court. I look forward to hearing from you.

Anyway, onto other Lexicon issues, The site has a couple of new faces within the staff who will be contributing or working behind the scenes. Our new contributor to the Lexicon is Plattie, we'd like to welcome Plattie to the staff. Her first review should be up soon. We also have Erin who will be helping with a lot of behind the scenes work on the Lexicon.

We should have many more developments soon. Keep visiting.


More movie updates: While this has not been completely confirmed as of this writing, Callum Keith Rennie and Adam Godley has allegedly signed on to appear in the feature. Recently Adam Godley was Mike Teavee's father in Tim Burton's Charley and the Chocolate Factory.

Robin's first season two episode guide review is up, Little Green Men.

New fan art contributor, Invisigoth, has created three great works in the episode guides for Conduit, Ghost in the Machine, and Space.

More to come, please keep visiting.


Where to begin...

New material has been on hold for nearly ages now, due to personal, career matters that kept myself, as the acting webmaster, from dealing with the site. My apologies to any and all fans of the Lexicon for not having any updates, we'll be working on making certain we stay active. We have so much in store for you in 2008. We're not going anywhere.

Before I go any further, there was the huge announcement of a certain movie that is finally going into Production in a matter of days and hours. Fox announced a green light for The X-Files 2nd Movie. No confirmed title as of yet, but the production code is listed as "Done One", co-written by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz and Directed by Mr. Carter himself. Of course David Duchcovny and Gillian Anderson have signed on. Presently rapper, turned actor, Xzibit, as well as Amanda Peet and Billy Connally have signed on. There has been an, as of this writing, an unconfirmed rumor that Timothy Olyphant was approached to appear in the film. There was an early rumor that actor Lance Henriksen was approached to reprise his role as the iconic Frank Black from Millennium. Mr. Henriksen's circle has recently just confirmed that rumor is false. The film is to be shot in Vancouver and Pemberton, Canada. Of note to fans of the early Vancouver years of the series, based on reports from IMDB, older crew alumni, set designer Shirley Inget, and visual effects supervisor David Gauthier have signed on. More recent alumni to the LA crew, Director of Photography Bill Roe, who worked on the series through 1998-2002 will be helming the picture. Also of interest, Production Designer Mark S. Freeborn, who is an alumni of Millennium, has signed on.

One of the interesting rumors that illustrate, first, how intensely the fan base is following every detail, second, how the team for Chris Carter and 1013, to keep plot details secret, will misdirect the public. Has to do with a script leak, hinting at many falsehoods, that the new film Involves Aliens, a "Frankenstein-type" doctor, body snatchers, missing persons, and a hostage situation being investigated by some new FBI agents, of course nothing should be taken at face value. Mr. Carter's circle has denied the "Script leak" rumors, and a representative has explained that actors who were auditioning for roles in the film, were given sides, script pages from old episodes. We also know, from Frank Spotnitz, it is a stand alone story and 'pretty scary'. There has already been heavy speculation it could be a Monster or Mutant scenario. What is interesting about this and what few have speculated about, would this scenario involve a subject never explored on the show?

Considering this will be a two hour feature and therefore will require something on a large scale. Let myself humbly put forth two urban legends never explored in the series, even if they were referenced. One possibility could be a Sasquatch (Bigfoot). Another possibility could be the African legend of Mokele-Mbembe, a congo dinosaur, a Sauropod. Of course if this story involved an American Dinosaur, that would be heading into Jurassic Park territory, but it's worth mentioning and considering these possibilities.

Getting back to issues with the Lexicon. I'd like to express my appreciation to Lexicon staff members who have been very patient. XScribe, who's patience has been without end. Forum moderators NkY and Red Scully. Staff contributors Robin, David, and Bellefleur. As well as art contributors Viridian, Bellefleur, Karen, Philiater and MullySculder. As well as many others.

There's been a number of web site overhauls, as seen below, there a new banner link graphic on the top of each page.

This banner will link you back to section menus or link you back to the main index page. We have been doing a lot of 'behind the scenes' site maintenance that has been long over due. We're in the process of adding title tags to every page.

There are also some major changes started with the Character Dossiers. Individual pages have been created for individual characters, for example.

Roland Fuller

Phoebe Green

Fox Mulder

Character Dossiers I-L

These are underlined, in time; this should make the section a little less confusing and overwhelming.

MullySculder contributed some wonderful fan art for the Eve episode. Please check it out!

We have many major developments underway we'll be announcing soon, please check in and, as always, thanks for visiting the site.


Matt here: Red Scully and Viridian just produced some great fan art for the episode guides. Please check out Red Scully's art for Shadows and Viridian's art for E.B.E. We hope to have even more material for the episode guides soon.

Please keep visiting.


Matt here: Our first new material for '07. The review for Shapes written by bellefleur can now be found in the episode guides. We have also updated the Character Dossier to include characters from the episode. The review also includes some great episodic art from both Bellefleur and Karen.

Thank you for visiting the Lexicon.

2008 / 2007 / 2006 / 2005


We made it through another year. Now that the New Year is almost upon us and 2006 is reaching its end. It's a good time to reflect and offer thanks to a number of great people who have helped the X-Files Lexicon thus far.

First off, I have to give my heart felt thanks to XScribe, who has done an incredible job this last year, wading though a lot of material and helping to make this site far more professional. She's acted as a great adviser, cheerleader for the site as well as a person who has provided some much needed clarity with everything that has to be dealt with. Her research has been impeccable and you couldn't ask for anything more. Our sophomore year was faced with many challenges, we got through them. I am in her debt.

When the challenge of starting the Lexicon Forum faced me, NkY (Nicky) came forward with a great attitude, enthusiasm and the kind of experience that was needed, she's been an invaluable asset as the lead moderator of the Forum. One could only hope to have such a lead moderator on the staff of any website. She's a supreme moderator in my book.

Red Scully has been a jack-of-all-trades within the last year, in spite of her own scheduling challenges. She's taken up the task of acting as a second moderator for the Lexicon Forum. In addition to a fair share of editing for the site and providing some great advertisement banner art for the Lexicon. Where I would be without her, I can't say.

Robin and David have remained steadfast as episode guide contributors and supporters of the site. Words can't express my debt of gratitude over their on- going support. Both have stepped up to the plate time and time again, in Robin's case, he's provided a wealth of information that has enhanced the site.

Special thanks must go to my lifelong friend Dan for his overhaul of the website near the start of this year.

My deep gratitude must go to Jana Fain from Big Light Productions, who has provided further contact assistance within the year. My gratitude must also go to MC of Dark water Inc, for securing my interview with Doug Hutchison. My thanks must also go to Kelly Kruschel for her support and assistance. I wish nothing but the best for the Doug Hutchison website.

While Bellefleur is a new contributor to the episode guides and the Lexicon, she's already proven herself as invaluable. It has been a real pleasure to have her on board. The fact that she's great at fan art has already enhanced the site.

To Karen, Viridian, Philiater, as well as Sarah, Erin, Terry, Tere, and Helene, thank you for your wonderful artwork that continues to grace the site.

In spite of the fact that Unbound's forum is no more, I'd like to express my appreciation for his presence at the Lexicon Forum. It was greatly appreciated by many.

I'd like to thank John Keegan (Entil'zha) for his cooperation earlier in the year.

The continued and patient cooperation of Mike Marek of the X-Files Timeline, Aly from Ask Dr. Scully, and Ghostfreak from the X-Files

Last but not least I must thank the following: Julie from the Morgan and Wong website. Megan from XF Roadrunners, Richard from CC2K. and especially Orodromeus from Eat The Corn.

While this is unusual, I'd like to thank everyone who registered at the Lexicon Forum, many of whom have been longtime supporters and friends to the Lexicon. The fan success of the Lexicon and the Lexicon Forum is in doubt because of you:
1aur, 2distracted, abracadabra1754, AgentMomo, ailourosaur, ashes, bardsmaid, bettyew, BurtSampson, chestercat1, chimera1_2, ChrisD45, clulla, daisywoman1, danafox40, danakscully64, DenyEverything, dlspoon, dooms, dscatherine, dscully45, eaglesnare, Eve, eyexdoxnotxgaze, foxmom, G_Woman, Galaxy88lc, Ghostmachine, ice, Jennifer1005, Jose Chung, kayuqtuq, kezmulder, Kitsunegari, kmom93, les, lilfella, lilicat, linaria, LolaB, luvgillian, MandSC4ever, medland, Mindless Clone, misscully, mulder512, muldersecret, Noct, Orodromeus@ETC, Pghfoxfan, piper_maru81, Pippy, puritycontroller, rageagainsttheconsiracy, reglia, Renard_Muldrake, sabo727, Sarah, Sitta, SpookyXPhile, Steph58873, SteveChiSox, Talie, Trustno174, Unbound 1, VDP, victimoftheninties, Womanwarrior, xbaby429, xdonna, Xfan2012, xnana, XScetch, and Zoedaxphile.

Lastly, if there's anyone else I overlooked, my heartfelt thank you. 2007 is bound to be a great year for the Lexicon, I look forward to seeing all of you on that journey.


Matt here: Over the last couple of weeks we've had some new additions. There has been some new information added concerning the FBI to the Fallen Angel episode guide review. There's been a real effort as of late to recruit artists to create fan art specific for season one. We've had some new fan artwork that has been contributed by Bellefleur, Viridian, and Philiater. Please check out their great work to be found in the episode guides for The Jersey Devil, Fire, and Born Again. A UFO photograph from 1952 was added to BJ Booth's Full Disclosure article. We expect to see a new wave of reviews, articles and a lot more fan art at the start of 2007.

This next year we hope to move through season two of the episode guides with greater speed and more efficiency. You can also look forward to a lot more interviews and guest articles. The Lexicon ran into a couple of growth bumps this last year, but things have been progressing in a positive direction as of late. My apologies over those periods of inactivity within this year, we intend to see that you'll be able to see a steady flow of new material this next year as it progresses.

Thank you for your support as well as your visits to the Lexicon. It makes it all worth while to get your positive reaction.


Matt here: We have a new episode guide review for Darkness Falls that was written by myself. In addition, the Character Dossiers has been updated to include the character descriptions for the episode. We also have some new fan art by Karen that has been included for Ice and Gender Bender.

We have to have more reviews up before the end of the month. As always, thank you for visiting the Lexicon.


Matt here: There's been an exciting development within the last couple of weeks. The Lexicon us proud to present a new exclusive interview with actor Doug Hutchison of Eugene Victor Tooms' fame!

Let me explain a little into how this developed, there was another high profile person that I was aiming to interview. A lot of pre-interview preparation went into it, but alas, they we're unavailable at the moment, that interview is still a possibility. I had Doug Hutchison on my list of upcoming interviews, and my instinct told me to prep and approach the correct channels. Mr. Hutchison speaks of finding the silence and suppose you could say that listening to my instinct paid off fairly well.

Please check out the interview here.

We should have the episode guide review up for Darkness Falls quite soon. Unless there's any unexpected developments, we should have all reviews up for season one before the start of 2007.

Thank you for visiting the Lexicon.


Matt here: The Character Dossiers have been updated and up graded. It is now up to date with characters from Born Again, Roland and Little Green Men. We also have now added the remaining characters from season two and all of the pages are up to date. There's still more to come.


Matt here: We have two new episode guide reviews. First off, I'd like to welcome Bellefleur to the Lexicon staff as a new contributor. She's written an excellent review for Born Again that can be found in the Episode Guide section. I also owe Bellefleur an apology for the delay in this announcement. There's a reason of course....

Our main editor for the Lexicon, XScribe, wrote her first review for the Episode Guide as a contributor. Her review of Roland is now up, feel free to check it out for some additional excellent work. We have even more new Episode Guide reviews that should be coming up shortly. There should also be some extensive updates to the Character Dossier within another week.

Thank you, as always, for visiting the Lexicon.


Matt here: We can finally begin a new wave of updates. David's review of Tooms can be found in the episode guide. We also have a new article by Ayala Shvarman titled Relections that offers some excellent insights about the Mulder and Scully relationship, that article can be found in our Articles and Interviews section.

We are working on possible interviews with a number of talented people who worked in the X-Files. Our recent trivia contest at the Lexicon Forum was quite a success and we intend to arrange another in the foreseeable future.


Matt here: There's been another gap in updates. Yet there is a large amount of upcoming material. Recently, I contacted the webmaster of a fairly new XF message board. The X-Files Forum. The webmaster offered to add the X-Files Lexicon as a link to his site. It's an excellent site. Please visit their forum.

The X-Files


Matt Here: A revised draft of Shadows is now up in the Episode Guide. Please remember we have some new updated material that is officially up concerning the episodes Deep Throat and Fire.

We have two new articles published in the Interviews and Articlespage. The first is an archived article by the Lexicon's own Red Scully, pulled from her site XF Loveshack that explains her love for the season four episode Grotesque. The second article is the first of several reviews concerning the X-Files Novels. We'd like to welcome Loonylovefiles as a new contributor, please check out her review of the novel Skins.

Not too long ago we were contacted by the webmaster from Eat the Corn about a establishing a link. ETC is a fairly new X-Files reference based site. It's a very good site and again it was quite an honor to have them include the Lexicon within their recommended links. Please visit them.

Eat the Corn

As always, thank you for visiting the Lexicon.


Matt here: There's been a huge gap in new updates and I am sorry about that. I've had a lot of personal issues not related to the site work that has pulled me away from a backlog of editorial material that had to be done.

One person whom I really have to appologize to is Robin who wrote a fantastic review of Young at Heart for the Episode Guide. It was published soon after the Forum was launched, but the announcement fell through the cracks here.

We now have finished editorial updates on everything in the Character Dossiers. Special thanks must go out to XScribe and Red Scully for their wonderful work with those pages.

Several months back the webmaster from CC2K contacted me about a establishing a link. It's a very good site and it was quite an honor to have them include the Lexicon within their recommended links. Please visit them.

There's a lot more coming up within the week. A lot of new production information came into my possession and you will soon see new information added to the episode guides especially the episodes, Pilot, Deep Throat, Conduit, Fire, Jersey Devil, Ghost in the Machine and Shadows. Another thank you must go out to Robin for some invaluable information that was uncovered.

Again, sorry for all the set backs and as always, thank you for visiting the Lexicon. By the way: in spite of the fact that today was 666, I never had a demonic day, did anyone else have one?


Matt here: We are proud to debut The X-Files Lexicon Forum. The message board is now open for people to register and post any and all related topics. There is only two things I ask of everyone. First, that they provide a current E-mail address when they register, this is for the sake of the moderators, if for any reason they must contact members in case a post has to be edited for content purposes. Second, I ask that you read the post, 'Philosophy of this Forum' before you begin posting. I hope to see as many people as possible, welcome one and all, feel free to offer comments, observations and suggestions.


Matt here: Robin's review for Lazarus is up in the episode guide. In addition, we have updated the Character Dossiers to include characters from Lazarus, please take a look. We are pleased to announce that we will be having a Forum Message Board at the end of this month: The X-Files Lexicon Forum. By all means, I hope as many people as possible will sign up and join this Forum. As always, thank you for your support.


Matt here: Over the last ten days, we've had a number of new articles that have gone up. David's Gender Bender review is finally up in the Episode Guides, there is also two more links I've included at the EP Guide. A speculative article over the scientific probability of the existence of Mutant Eugene Victor Tooms is up on the Paranormal Omnibus. Chris Knowles brought to my attention the possible origin of the season six episode Triangle, a special article has been written that can be found in the Interviews and Articles section. Lastly, the Timeline Introduction page has been revised in the Historical Timeline section. Thank you for visiting us and keep checking in with the Lexicon.


Matt here: We have some more material up. The episode guide review for E.B.E. is up. The Character Dossiers have been updated to include E.B.E. and Gender Bender. There's been some delays, but the episode review for Gender Bender should be appearing soon.


Matt here: We have two more articles debuting this week. There's an article featured on the Paranormal Phenomenon Omnibus that's about Psychic Channeling. We also have a new article within the Interviews and Articles section that's our first product review written by Chris Knowles. A review of the Super Soldiers - Threads of the Mythology DVD set. Feel free to take a look at the both of them. There's still a lot of site maintenance being done, therefore, expect to see more changes over the month.


Another year has begun and there's been a lot of behind the scenes site maintenance that has already been done. Expect to see a lot of new material over the coming weeks. First up, the Jersey Devil review at the episode guide has been revised and expanded. We've added a group of links in the episode guides concerning some fantastic sites. Sarah Stegall's wonderful site with X-Files reviews, Autumn Tysko's wonderful X-Files reviews and the Morgan and Wong On-line site. There's a new article featured at the Paranormal Phenomenon Omnibus regarding Firestarters and the subject of Pyrokinesis. Feel free to take a look and again thank you for visiting.

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Now that the New Year is almost upon us and 2005 is reaching its end. AS well as the last entry of the Lexicon. It's a good time to reflect and offer thanks to a number of great people who have helped the X-Files Lexicon thus far.

To those who have followed the history of this site through this updates section, you will probably know a little of the history of David Morris and Robin England. Both have been my longest standing ally during the growth of the project. They have consistently delivered some great additions to the Episode Guides, and I've appreciated their humor and great attitude.

To Red Scully, what else is there to say but thank you for your invaluable assistance, your humor, enthusiasm and dedication brought this site to a new level. My thanks is without measure.

To Aly, who came on board around the same time as Red, thank you for your support and input and having me link up with your wonderful site.

XScribe, while new to the Lexicon staff, has already proven invaluable. Thank you for the incredible amount of work you are doing.

My deepest thank you to Brad Follmer (Chris Carter's assistant) and Jana Fain (Frank Spotnitz's assistant), for making yourselves available to my questions and occasional communications.

To Sarah, Terry, Tere, Helene and Erin, thank you for the wonderful artwork that now is gracing the site.

Once again, my deepest thanks to B J Booth for his recent contributions.

Chris Knowles has been in contact with me for some time now, he's shown himself to be a true scholar of the show and his support is appreciated, as well as all of the great correspondence.

Last, but not least, I have to thank of number of other people I've come across On-line in this year. Jennifer, Lyle, Pam, Beckyc, Sarah from the Idealist Haven, Unbound1 and FoxMom from the Lair, Caroline from the UK message board, and anyone else I might have over looked.


We're proud to announce the 'Articles and Interviews' section is now up at the Lexicon!! There's still four articles that are not linked yet, but please take a look and revisit the page before the New Year.

What you will currently find as an exclusive original article by B J Booth. The Frank Spotnitz interview has now been moved into that section. You'll find excellent re-print of interviews with Vince Gilligan and John Shiban, as well as the re-print of a Mark Snow interview done for Keyboard.

There are many more exclusive articles you'll find in the 'Articles and Interviews' section. We hope to have some more surprise interviews for you before mid 2006. Please check in regularly and thank you for visiting us.


Matt Here; We have two new developments; First off, B J Booth is a UFO researcher who has complied an excellent history and archive regarding the UFO Phenomenon and UFO believers through his own site and his work at UFO casebook. He has graciously agreed to occasionally contribute articles related to the UFO Phenomenon to the Paranormal Phenomenon Omnibus. His first article is a basic overview of Alien Abductions and their meanings. You will be seeing some additional cosmetic adjustments to all of the articles at the Omnibus in the coming weeks. Second, there's been some cosmetic adjustments made to the Briefings page, of course you'll notice the Holiday Greetings artwork, what you might not notice is a new page link at the bottom of this page. We have started a Briefings Archive, including the Lexicon's Statement of Purpose. As always, thank you again for visiting the Lexicon.


First off, Happy Holidays and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Americans who visit the Lexicon, I apologize for the lack of activity in November. Already, there are several things that are up, but the first order of business is to mention a new Editor who will be assisting for the time being, please welcome XScribe.

We have a bundle of new things posted or in the works. Concerning the Episode guide, the new synopsis and review of Fire is up, written by Robin. At the moment we are caught up finally with the Character Dossiers! New character descriptions can be found. Concerning the Timeline, there's been a minor addition to the 1970-1992 Mythology page - new information concerning the 1980 UK Rendlesham sightings.

That isn't all; within days, we should be posted a revised draft in the Episode Guide of the review of Squeeze with some new information included in the Production Notes. Expect to see in no time, revised drafts at the Paranormal Omnibus of the articles about Area 51 and Werewolves.

There are several other exciting developments of new pages premiering before the start of the New Year, so please keep checking into the Lexicon and thank you again for visiting us.


We have a little more updated. There are two more new pages in the Timeline. The 1970-1992 Mythology and 1970-1992 Non-Mythology pages are up.

The timeline this week has gone through a minor overhall, so I hope some things will be a little more clear. Feel free to click on the X icon when you see it, as it will link you back to pages from Mike Marek's Timeline.

Over at the Paranormal Omnibus page, there's been some new images added to the Werewolf article. The review / synopsis for Ice is now up, feel free to take a look. I hope everyone has a wonderfully scary and Happy Halloween.


There has been a major development with the Lexicon I am pleased to announce. Mike Marek, from The X-Files Timeline has agreed to the use of his timeline content for the Lexicon's timeline. What you will find is not a timeline that is as in depth as the one featured on Mike's site, this is an abridged version intended to be clear and accessible. Generally, it is intended to cover key points central to the X-Files universe, if you would like an exhaustive timeline, covering all the relevant characters and events, then please visit Mike's The X-Files Timeline. The timeline pages will keep appearing based on each season. We should have everything up through season one posted soon. Many thanks to Mike for allowing this arrangement.


Matt here; To be brief, another round of additions to the site, there's been some more updates for the Character Dossiers. Robin's review of Space is up in the episode guide, in addition, David's review for Eve is also up. Please take a look at their excellent work.


Matt Here; First off, I want to express my sympathies to everyone affected by Hurricane Katrina. To all my fellow Americas, as well as my fellow friends around the world, we should do what we can at this time, donate or contribute whatever you can to the relief effort please. There has been another wave of developments. A number of artists have now contributed to the Lexicon, Sarah, Tere and Terry are well known in the fan art world and their fine work is now gracing our site. Sarah's work can be seen in the episode guides for "Pilot" and "Beyond the Sea". Feel free to check out her site; The Mulder and Scully Art Gallery. Tere's art can be found in the episode guide for "Squeeze", and please check out her site;Tere's X-Files Art. Terry is a wonderful portrait sketch artist and more of her work will be regularly appearing in the Character Dossiers. Her painting has been added to the Character Dossiers menu, feel free to check out her site;Terry's X-Files Artwork. More is coming shortly, so please keep checking in and thank you again for visiting us.


Matt Here; There's been a lot of activity behind the scenes, even though I apologize for the lack of new pages this month. First off, let me introduce and welcome two new and significant people to the X-Files Lexicon. Red Scully will be helping out as the page content editor for the Lexicon; in fact she will be acting as the second in command, editing pages as well as posting new web pages when required, once she has become acquainted with everything. Please give her the courtesy and respect you would towards myself, because she really deserves it for all her great work. Feel free to write to her if you have any observations, questions or compliments about the site.

Aly C will be helping out with the Paranormal Phenomenon Omnibus and acting as our Medical Science advisor and researcher. Aly is also the webmaster of the excellent web site, Ask Dr. Scully, I have set up a banner link with that site on the Omnibus, feel free to take a look. You probably have noticed that a new 'contact us' page has gone up reflecting the additions with the staff. There are some additional changes you should be noticing within the week. Two more episode synopsis's and reviews are around the bend, and new additions have been added to the 'Character Dossiers', these include character descriptions for 'Shadows, Ghost In The Machine, Space, Beyond The Sea', a few descriptions have been added for 'Fallen Angel' and descriptions will be added soon for 'Eve'. There's some other developments on the way soon, so please check into the site on a weekly basis.


Matt here; Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a few significant surprises. First, I was able to contact Chris Carter's assistant, Brad Follmer. I had been concerned about using material that Mr. Carter had written and use it for the 'timeline introduction' page. I managed to get approval for the use of the material and Mr. Carter is now official aware of the site. If you visit the 'timeline introduction' page, you'll notice some changes in the disclaimers. How my contact with Chris's assistant came about, was my ability to contact Frank Spotnitz's assistant, Jana Fain at Big Light Productions. One thing led to another and I was able to arrange an exclusive phone interview with Frank Spotnitz. This isn't the only interview that people will find when they visit the Lexicon. Eventually, a new section will appear with other exclusive interviews and exclusive articles, as well as select archived articles. Some more updates will be underway soon, hopefully expect to see some new exciting developments with the 'Historical Timeline' section. Those updates for the 'Character Dossiers' are still underway.


Matt here; We have four new episodes posted for season one in the episode guides, including the first two submissions from David and Robin. Please take a look at 'Shadows, Ghost in the Machine, Fallen Angel' and 'Beyond the Sea'. The Character Dossiers will be updated shortly to reflect the updates in the episode guides.


Matt here; For those whom haven't recently visited the site, The X-Files Lexicon is proud to introduce the Paranormal Phenomenon Omnibus. This is a new section that will be working in conjunction with the Episode Guides and the Character Dossiers, new subjects will appear on a season by season basis. Expect to see in the near future new subject pages for "Poltergeist's" and "Eugene Victor Tooms". There's still a lot more overhaul to be done with various pages, so again thanks for your patience.

Matt here; The X-Files Lexicon would like to welcome its first two contributor's to the site, who will be helping with the Episode Guide's, Robin England and David Morris. Expect to see their work in the near future. More material should be appearing soon, as we are still working out various technical details to make the site better. There have been a few minor changes you might have noticed and they'll be more to come. Sorry that there have been a number of setbacks but please be patient with us. To remind everyone, if you would like to contact us with any comments, scroll down to the bottom of this page and drop us a message.